So! What would you do if a man grabbed you from behind?

You might freeze up in fear, you might scream, you might fight off your attacker – and you would be in every right, too!

Unless you’re a beautiful model, of course, in which case you’re seen as a badly behaving diva being mean to loyal fans. Headlines will read ‘Not Model Behaviour’ ‘Model aggressively lashes out at a fan and elbows him in the face,’ and fail to report the full story.

That’s what happened to Gigi Hadid, who was grabbed from behind by serial ‘prankster’ Vtalii Sediuk (the least funny, least pranky, least clever idiot who has also assaulted many other celebrities). Elbowing him, shouting ‘WHO THE F*CK ARE YOU?!” and chasing him down the street until her minders held her back, I think Gigi was a FLIPPING BADASS!!!


It’s pretty intense being a celebrity as famous and in-demand as Gigi, who walks out to bright, flashing camera bulbs wherever she goes, with (generally male) paparazzi intent on getting a shot up a skirt/of cellulite/shouting out mean things to get an angry reaction. So to be grabbed from behind out of nowhere, during that massive onslaught of cameras and phones in the face, must be utterly disorientating and scary.

But no, that’s not how it was reported…


Thankfully, the tide was turned with this excellent lady:


Who has been thanked by Gigi who then went onto explain what she experienced:



She then thanked her boxing coach for her ‘muscle memory’ in automatically reacting to the assault and chasing him away.


And said he was lucky Zayn, her boyfriend, wasn’t there:


But WTF!!!!!!!!!! To the press?! Since when does a woman acting in self-defense have to DEFEND herself?! Why portray it as an innocent fan being injured by a terrible diva? Large sections of the media need to take a good hard look at themselves and the sort of messages they send out to men and women. Because groping, catcalling, general acts of violence towards women (and men) are not the fault of the victim and they are NEVER justifiable, but that is evidently not a message large swathes of the press are intent on broadcasting.

It’s all very disgusting but if we can take anything from it, it’s that:


We should all do boxing/self-defence classes so we can react in the same way

Rebecca x

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