Good News, Bad News and a LONG Overdue Update

Hello everyone!

So, I’ve been posting on Modeltypeface, but probably not with quite the same intensity as usual, and there haven’t been half as many interviews and guest posts as usual.

As you all know, I’ve had quite a difficult year, what with breaking up with Theo, Gran dying and then another thing I haven’t shared with you, a health thing that I had to focus on and get sorted out.

All the while I have been having some MEGA work and options come in, which is of course a wonderful feeling and has given me focus and determination to look after myself because us freelancers simply cannot miss a day of work, can we. Perhaps it’s the new hair that’s getting me work? Either way I’m thrilled to be getting opportunities that feel new and exciting.

So since my lingerie show, I got a five day shoot with a catalogue company, which was tough at first physically cos of the health stuff but a great team. We did two days in Slough, glamour capital of the world, which was mainly ecom for their website and 60 outfits a day, but the week after we shot three days in a row in Hemel Hempstead. This was still one of those shoots where the only time you’re sitting is to have your hair/make up done, but with 15 shots a day it was less intense. And everyone really got on and I can’t wait to see the catalogue! We got some great pics.

It was in this REALLY fancy modern place called Home House, but it was also full of giant teddies and cobwebs so not quite to my standards (lol).  

I absolutely fell in love with the make up and hair stylist, Peter, who is from Hungary and was originally a professional ballroom and rumba dancer…

…Then danced on cruise ships. He has since moved to London become a really fantastic make up and hair stylist.


He’s very quiet at first but we really got on and by the end of the five days I properly loved him. My fave moment was probably when he was holding a blanket up against the window to stop reflections in the shot, and, out of the corner of my eye whilst posing with a cup of tea, I saw him unable to control his hips as George Michael played. That boy can Rumba! I think I came over all funny for a moment.

I also shot for a company that provides workwear and corporate clothing, something that may not exactly be Italian Vogue cover territory, but DEAR LORD what an amazingly friendly client! Everyone on the team was so sweet and worked so hard. And actually I rather enjoyed looking smart, I wore some really sexy pencil skirts and high heels and felt like Uma Therman in Pulp Fiction with my hair.

I was shooting with a model called Robert, who is from Transylvania and was telling me about Vlad the Impaler, and also about modelling for five months in China. I’m not sure which sounds worse.

He confirmed what I’d heard about China, that you’re paid by the hour and if you need the loo they time you and add that on to the end of your day. Imagine the performance anxiety! He also said that the food and pollution are terrible. Though the money can be good, it’s definitely not for me.

And now we are here, and guess what I’m about to do!


Remember when I praised the model in the last one? And then remember when my dress fell down and I flashed the client in my Danone casting?

Well I got it and I’m gonna be the next dancing Danone girl! I’m really excited, although I’m also quite nervous as I’ve not been able to exercise and you know me, I love doing my dance classes and feeling active. Still, I’ve conserved my energy, eaten healthily and I’m having a positive mental attitude about it all.

From Kiev I will then fly on Wednesday evening to Glasgow, to shoot with Fat Face for two days! There was a hairy moment where Fat Face couldn’t move the dates and I was going to have to miss it for Danone, but luckily it’s all come through thanks to Bookings and I just have to pray that my Wednesday flight from Kiev isn’t delayed.

Modelling is going great at the moment, and it gives me confidence and focus, which has been helping me with all the other stuff. Alongside my amazing family and friends and so many others (both people I know and only know through social media) who responded to my post about modelling through tough times.

I’m really happy, just have to focus on staying healthy and energised, which may mean that I’m fairly quiet on MTF for a while (though I won’t disappear of course).

Love you all!

Rebecca x


  1. Nicola wrote:

    I’m so happy for you sweetness and can not wait to see your Danone dancing, congrats! Nicola xxx

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