GIVEAWAY TIME! Win This Entire Makeup Collection….By Collection.

Look at these beautiful, summery colours! Perfect for festivals, parties and holidays. I’ve tried all of these products and they’re absolutely great: flattering, easy to apply and long lasting!


So I’m doing this giveaway hand-in-hand with today’s other post on rejection, and how the best way to combat feeling sad about rejection is to LOVE YOURSELF even more!

We’ve got lipstick, lip butters, a brilliant eye palette, foundation and nail varnishes. And what do you have to do to win?

Simply comment below what you love about yourself. It doesn’t even have to be one thing! For example I love my waist, which always remains small no matter how much I eat, my eyes as they change colour, my smile as it makes other people smile back and my big, bumpy nose because HEY! That’s my nose. Stop retouching it.

Good luck! xxx


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  1. Stassia wrote:

    I love my arms at the moment. It’s taken years of Kettlercise, countless press ups and a lot of sweat and sore muscles, but they’re in a damn fine shape now! While my stomach will never be like Gisele’s, I also love it at the moment – it’s the most toned it has ever been. But mostly, I love myself for putting in the effort and becoming fit, not thin, and enjoying the process!

  2. Tamsin Carter wrote:

    I love my moles, being covered in them I think they make me individual. Although a photographer takes a lot of time to airbrush over 100 of them out I still love them as my grandad and my mum were even more covered then me, they make me who I am.

  3. Rachel Bufton wrote:

    I love my smile, and the way my eyes go really small when I smile really big, and I love my mind because it allows me to learn and to grow ☺️

  4. Vicky wrote:

    I love my bum. It’s comfy to sit on!

  5. Jo Lyons wrote:

    I love my whole amazing body because it has nurtured 3 amazing children.

  6. Ella wrote:

    I love my hair! Team Afro! It is very difficult to look after, but so worth it.

  7. Louise wrote:

    at the minute I love my boobs, they look amazing as I’m breastfeeding so they are the biggest they have ever been in my life, they have not stated to sag yet, though I’m sure they will as soon as I’ve stopped breastfeeding! But the do look pretty got at the minute- if I do say so myself. And they are nourish in my child at the same time, which I think is amazing! Fingers crossed they don’t go missing on me as soon as I stop!!!

  8. Megan wrote:

    At the precise moment, I am in love with my eyes! They change colour, for example my natural eye colour is grey/turquoise, but they change colour with my emotions, so it can go from dark grey to light grey to light blue to dark blue to dark green to light green to hazel!
    I also love my long lashes, they seem to have a great infusion with my eye colours and make my eyes stand out!

  9. Hannah wrote:

    I love my body shape the way it is, my chest has started to fill in and now I’m learning what makeup suits me best and I can make myself look great when I want. I love being able to be confident in myself and makeup helps me do this most definitely:)

  10. Shaimaa wrote:

    I never Give up

  11. Judit wrote:

    I love my every inch of my body, but mostly I love my legs.
    They help me workout, run, walk etc. my legs take me anywhere I want whenever I want. I also love my lips. I find them perfectly shaped and soft. And it looks so good with a little lip butter.
    I me

  12. Carly wrote:

    I love my smile because when I smile every one else smiles to

  13. I love my laugh and how it makes everyone else around me laugh, it doesn’t matter that it’s not the most dainty pretty little laugh, I mean I sound like a seal choking but I love it. It’s taken me a while to start to try and love things about myself due to bad anxiety and self confidence issues, but after seeing someone I have stopped putting myself down so much and learned to love what I’ve got. Loving yourself is one of the most important things and people shouldn’t be ashamed of loving themselves. I LOVE EVERYTHING EVEN MY FLAWS ❤️

  14. Nada wrote:

    i love my perseverance. my strength. and my kindness and compassion towards others.
    unlike my external beauty, i know these are things i will never lose. they will forever remain within me, forever a part of me…
    These are the kind of qualities I want someone to notice when they meet me, and get to know me. These are the kind of qualities I want to emanate from me. They are the qualities I want to pass on to my future children, they’re the kind of qualities i want people to sense and to love and appreciate me for them.

  15. I love my legs because I always work so hard on them whilst doing ballet, tap and modern dance. I love my naturally tanned skin tone and my brown eyes as it means I’m lucky enough to suit almost any colour eyeshadow! I’ve learnt to love the way I look because we only get one face and one body, so we should treat it with respect:)

  16. Amy wrote:

    I love my eyes, they always stand out in every photo with every eyeshadow I wear! I also love my arms, no matter how much I eat try always stay slim and petite, I love my body as it’s not perfect but I’m happy with it

  17. Jasmine w wrote:

    I love my eyes because they are such a beauiful bright blue but not anything eles really.

  18. Isla wrote:

    I love that I am flexible and that I can adapt to situations well. I also love my eyelashes because they are super long and I never have to wear fake ones. X

  19. adriana wrote:

    I love my eyes.

  20. Trex wrote:

    I’ve never been particularly happy with the way I look, but at work recently I looked after someone who apologised for how she looked before I examined her. Her husband and I looked at each other and both said ‘you’re gorgeous!’. I felt sad that she felt the need to apologise for the way she looked, and it got me thinking. I’m starting to appreciate my body more, I have my days where I feel great and those where I feel terrible, but I’m worrying less about what others think. The one thing that I love about my body every day tho is my skin. Pale and pasty tho it may be, it is SOFT.

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