I have a confession.

I don’t wear deodorant.

This is often met with a shocked and slightly disgusted face. The fact is – I’m not much of a sweater, as it were. I totally got into deodorant + Charlie body spray as an adolescent (the sign, at 13 years of age, that one is becoming a sophisticated lady). But I read some awful things about what deodorant can do to you – there are all sorts of claims, most worrying linking it to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s – and I thought I’d give it a little break. During this break, I realised that I don’t smell when I sweat.*

*Apart from when I do. 9 times out of ten I can work, exercise and go about my day smelling weirdly of nothing, which makes me worry that I’m Grenouille from the book Perfume.

1 times out of 10, however, I’ll go to get something off a top shelf, hug someone I quite fancy or raise my arm to let a stylist put a dress on me and it’s like


It’s usually if I’ve had a heavy night of booze, drunk too much coffee or have gone on a detox – most recently the latter happened to me on a bridal shoot. Models shouldn’t get B.O., brides shouldn’t get B.O….and there was I, desperately trying to keep these bright white strapless dresses away from my armpits! It was baaaad.

That’s the time I wish I were one of those ladies with a make up pouch, anti-bacterial hand gel and deodorant in my handbag, just in case. (Instead of a bulging backpack full of nearly-finished Metros, loose chewing gums and pens without lids).

I have discovered Soft & Gentle’s new Skin Science range, and ‘Really Pure’ is my saviour!


It’s much smaller than other deodorants (75ml instead of 150ml), but with the same amount, which is better for the environment as it has less gas propellant. It also means I can carry it around in my bag as it’s lighter (gotta think about your spine!)

Best of all, Really Pure is free of allergens, alcohol and aluminium chlorohydrate, which is one of the ingredients with a question mark about it’s head in regards to whether it’s safe for daily use on our armpits.

The deodorant has been put to the test on shoots, holiday and the ultimate: a Skinny Bitch Collective exercise class, and I’m happy to say that I smelled delightful! It dries quickly so no white marks and smells subtle (I’d previously hijacked my boyfriend’s deodorant and smelled like MAN on SAILBOAT in a STORM a la the adverts).

Soft & Gentle Really Pure is only £2.09 and available from Boots, Superdrug and Tesco

Rebecca x

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