Get Sunkissed Skin…Even in Our British Summer….

So I’m looking out the window and I’m seeing…raindrops on glass. Grey sky about to drop some fresh water on the heads of commuters. Trees rustling in a rather chilly breeze. Welcome to July in Britain, folks!

I was mega excited when we got those two days of sunshine in early June, but sadly that was all we were getting. I wouldn’t mind the lack of heat because at least I don’t have to face so many armpit-drenched rush hours – but it’s so humid and damp even my usually well-behaved hair is going frizzy!

However, I learned very early on in my modelling career that if you can’t make it, fake it. (Apart from that time my booker told me to plait my hair the night before and go to a casting for curly hair. The client looked at me in disbelief and asked me to leave the room). Usually by this time, I’m sporting a Mowgli-esque all-over tan, not from sunbathing but just from having skin that tans easily (Anglo-Indian innit) and being out and about.

Sadly, I’ve largely maintained my sallow winter colouring, so I’ve been using Goldentini by Temple Spa. I’ve never used a fake tanner or a bronzing oil in my life! Mainly due to lazy reasons. I can’t wait five minutes for my nails to dry when I paint them before destroying them, so I really don’t want to try fake tan and risk brown smears on my body…

This is perfect for me, then: easy to use and instantly effective.


It’s a dry oil, which sounds like an oxymoron but it means that the texture, when you put a couple of drops in the palm of your hands, is like oil but as soon as you rub it onto your skin it disappears, leaving no residue and endowing your skin with a bronzed look and a subtle shimmer.

_MG_2110From pale to subtle bronze. Pic by Theo Games Petrohilos.

I took this to Spain for a wedding, where I applied to my arms and shins and it really looked great against the colour of my white flowerey dress.

_MG_8876Pic courtesy of Theo Games Petrohilos

As I say, it’s subtle, so it would work on all skin shades and you can build it up for a stronger look.

It’s kinder to skin than lots of the products I see on the market – there’s a whole host of good ingredients in here. There’s ‘Gold of Pleasure’ seed oil (no seriously, this is a plant) which is rich in Omega-3 and -6, and there’s Vitamin E oil which is fab for protecting skin from the early stages of UV light damage.


This would be fantastic on shoots for a shimmery skin glimmer, at 50ml you can take it on as hand luggage for your holidays or, like me, you can put it on when you’re off out to a party in the UK and you want to fake a bit of a glow – despite those grey skies up above.

Goldentini is £25 from Temple Spa

Rebecca x

PS You may recognise the swimsuit, which is House of Summer!

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