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Please nominate my boyfriend’s Grandpa to be on the next £20 note. His Grandpa was a very talented graphic designer named Abram Games. He massively helped the war effort during WW2 by creating posters such as…

abram poster1



These posters were vital in getting important messages to the public through the strong imagery. And Abram, a Jewish man living in London, was able to fight against the evil that was decimating his family and friends.

The UK are so proud of him, he’s already been on a stamp!


I will be honest – though I had seen his posters, I didn’t know Abram’s name until I started going out with Theo. Now I see Abram all the time, as his work and photographs are all over his Mum’s house. In fact he’s looking at me right now from a photo above this computer!

My favourite Abram works are the fun posters, such as…


…But why Abram truly deserves to be on a £20 isn’t just his genre-defining talent – seriously, now you’re aware of his stuff, you’ll see his influence EVERYWHERE. It’s his heart. Abram, like most artists I know, was dedicated to his craft, he slogged away at every poster with determination and perfectionism…And he was rubbish with money, choosing to dedicate much of his time, pro-bono, to causes that tugged at his heart and conscience. These included the National Institute for the Blind, British Empire Cancer Campaign and the World Health Organisation.

Two posters that particularly stick in my mind include this ‘Freedom from Hunger’ poster for the UN, in which a child’s ribs are mirrored by a sheaf of wheat…


And this poster calling for contributions for displaced Jews, which I always find utterly harrowing. The pain behind the picture really packs a punch, and it’s hard to look away and detach yourself from those eyes.


Even though I’m rather biased, I am also in the fortunate position of knowing from his daughter just how passionate Abram was about the fact that his ability, through his work, could alleviate the suffering of others worldwide. This passion, and his genius, is why he deserves to be on the face of the next £20 note.

Head to to nominate ABRAM GAMES!

Rebecca x

All pictures thanks to the © Estate of Abram Games

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