French Model Seriously Upstages The Other Girls…& How to Talk to Camera!

Dear God, my worst fears realised!

I always have this feeling that my voice isn’t really terribly sexy or effective at selling product.

I have a bit of a middle-class-with-a-Souf-London-twang that just shrieks suburbia, and it makes me pretty self-conscious in castings where I have to take a bite of chocolate and then sexily describe how good it is, without showing my brown teeth.

The models in this ad aren’t doing terribly well at saying their four words (click on the link to head to the video)….


And then, of course, they are blown COMPLETELY out of the water by the husky-voiced French model who sounds so much more self-assured, confident and sexy.

This is the story of my life, but through presenting courses, vlogging and doing so many commercial castings I have no shame anymore, I’ve picked up a few tips on talking to camera.

  • Before you go in, stick a pencil horizontally in your mouth and read a page of a book or magazine for 30 seconds. Remarkably, it makes you annunciate your words far more!
  • Drink a glass of water and avoid claggy dairy products.
  • Look at the camera like it’s your friend, rather than you’re trying to remember your lines and you feel a bit silly.
  • Practice! I learnt that the hard way. Even if you feel silly saying words on your own, repeat them until they sound like your dear friends and they’ll roll off the tongue.
  • Try to be natural. I used to try and talk like an advert…’is it MAGIIIIC? Is it FOUNDAAATIONNN?’ with wide eyes and hand movements. Instead, for this, I’d just imagine I was asking my friend about her skin. Cos that’s totally how I talk.
  • Lastly, taaaaake yoooooour ttttiiiimmmmeee. Blurting it out quickly may make the experience over quicker, but it’ll be obvious how painful you’re finding the experience. The thing is, you’ll feel like you’re talking in slo-mo, but that’s just nerves it’ll actually be a more natural time.

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Rebecca x

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