France Goes Ahead with ‘Skinny Model’ Law…

So – despite my protestations on the Beeb – Paris is going ahead with laws to regulate the Fashion Industry by controlling the BMI of models and teling magazines to state when they have used retouch. Here are my initial thoughts:

1) I should have gone more Katie Hopkins on their ass.


2) Though I disagree with the approach, at least it shows that people want change. And, frankly, we need change. Models do often have to slim down via unhealthy means to get into catwalk shows. I would like to see a more healthy and varied approach to casting for catwalks – it is unnecessary for models (male and female) to be so thin.  And, as I said a few times…Change the sizes of the sample clothes! If they’re a bit bigger, we won’t have to get so flipping skinny to fit into them!

3) I still find the BMI approach maddening. Talk to any personal trainer – you can have two people with the same stature, and one might be bordering overweight, the other barely 18. Tackling SIZES is the issue, not WEIGHT.

4) Let’s actually see if anything meaningful happens. Elsewhere, in countries where this has *apparently* been enforced such as Spain and Italy, I’ve seen absolutely no difference in the size of catwalk models there. It just proves to me that this is a way of assuaging media frenzies over the ‘size 0’ furore we see every catwalk season.

5) Blaming models for eating disorders is all too easy. It transfers the blame from food companies with their added chemical crap, trans fats and sugar, advertising companies making the junk food look sexy, and the government for not regulating these companies that earn them so much money.

Blame models then fine the agencies? That sounds like a very easy piece of scapegoating and another way to make money out of the issue.

6) Regulating retouch sounds BRILL. I’m always telling people that I look nothing like my pictures, so to strive to look like models in magazines is a hopeless and upsetting task for many. I hope they do this in the UK, too. I’ve said before that I hate too much retouch.

7) Finally, if people think that models have severe eating disorders, then please don’t treat them so cruelly. Since when did fining someone and threatening them with jail help an incredibly serious illness that is caused by factors including family history, genetics, economic and social standing, friendship groups, bullying…?

It’s hateful, it’s ridiculous and it’s ultimately meaningless. Good one Paris, on making it look like you’re doing something when you’re actually doing absolutely nothing at all.

Rebecca x

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