Formulated by a Top Dermatologist, Vivderma’s Comforting Gellee Cleanser is a Must-Have!

I’ve been using this cleanser since early December and it is

It’s got a very thick, sticky jelly-like texture, which you massage all over your (dry) face and neck for a whole minute. NB I would recommend here that you watch the clock while you do it, because what feels like a minute is actually more like 20 seconds (as we all know from attempting minute-long planks).

You then wet the palm of your hand with the tiniest amount of warm water, which turns the cleanser into a milky emulsion, and carry on massaging for a while. You’re then set to just wash it all off, and I guaruntee you that your skin will be feeling soft, thoroughly cleaned and not aggravated in the least.

I can’t think of a type of skin this wouldn’t work on. Mature skin would definitely benefit from the Sytenol A, which acts like a retinol to help improve skin structure as well as calming down skin. I used this on Theo, who’s skin has cleared up but is very dry (probably from air con) and I saw a difference within two days – there’s Vitamin E, which is great for skin repairing. I have combination skin but like to tackle the dry element and just use blotting paper on the extra shine, so the Moroccan Argan Oil and Sodium Hyaluronate are great here.

Though the packaging isn’t the sexiest, this has been formulated by a top dermatologist with 30 years experience under his belt and it shows. The product works and it’s improved my skin loads. It’s also good for anyone who finds double cleansing a faff as you’re really working this product in and it does change consistency when water is added, so while I’m not 100% that it would pass the Caroline Hirons test, I like to let that slide when it’s late and I’m tipsy tired.

I’ve also massaged this in and sat in a nice hot bath to let all those ingredients work their magic, a little like a face mask, and afterwards I just felt utterly clean, fresh and like I’d really nourished my skin. The jasmine, pettigrain and neroli made it a relaxing, lovely-smelling treat.

A little goes a long way and a month in, I’ve barely made a dent in it, so £32 is a good price for such a great product.

Check out for more info and thanks to Fluorescent PR for introducing me!

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