FML: Justin Bieber for Calvin Klein.

I have always loved and admired Calvin Klein campaigns. There’s always a sense of serene drama featuring models with heart-stoppingly natural beauty, yet always with an edge. I can easily mentally summon up my favourite images in a split second:






Someone please tell me why oh why oh why is this little dickhead is now the face of this famous brand?


Is it his looks? Well come on people, he’s very attractive in the sense that he looks like a pretty, four foot tall lesbian. There are better models out there, and if you’re not gonna cast models there are better celebrities. If you must use the little brat, don’t ridiculously beef him up with retouch (not to mention that suspiciously cricket-box shaped pounch, which I don’t believe for a second) – unfortunately we all see him topless in the papers regularly enough to know he doesn’t look like these images.

Biebs CK#retouch: I’m not a ‘belieber’

Is it his personality then? being a brand ambassador means that you represent the brand not only with your looks (pff) but your conduct and what you have to say. This is the boy that signed the guestbook at the Anne Frank Museum that he hopes she’d have been ‘a Belieber.’ This is the boy that pissed in a Janitor’s bucket (that’s caretaker to you and me) and then spray painted Bill Clinton’s face. What a little shit. I kind of pity him at times, as he’s obviously been indulged and surrounded by ‘yes men’ from a very young age and had to deal with an enormous, overwhelming level of fame and adulation.  But to piss in a janitor’s bucket just shows a total disregard for others and it the ultimate in brattishness

Speaking of ultimate brattishness…


Remember when he got his bodyguards to carry him up the Great Wall of China?

So, is this whole article the result of sour grapes? I mean, a multi-millionaire hearthrob is being paid the big bucks to star in one of the biggest gigs a model can get…Jealous, moi? Well no, actually. There are plenty of models who are huge now, thanks to social media fame, that might not have made it quite to the levels they are without it. I’ve already shown my support for Cara and Kendall, because I think it takes skill to be a model yet represent more than your looks but your words and your personality.

But my issue with Justin is that his brattish personality is laughable and his music is dire. I have no respect for him – the sight of him conjures up feelings of annoyance mingled with pity, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone here. That’s not what we want from our CK model.

Calvin Klein have cast this little man-boy* for his sheer level of fame and social media following, rather than a figure who resonates with me (and my friends). I really hope that this is a one-off slip-up of judgement and the next campaign won’t be starring Snookie and Spencer Pratt in a loving (and hirsute) embrace. This one was a massive error of judgement and taste.  Justin Bieber isn’t a respected cultural icon, he’s a very naughty boy.

Rebecca x

*REVISION* My good friend pointed out something that I didn’t know: Mark Wahlberg, who modelled for CK in the 90s, had been in prison for attempted murder with racist motives. So it’s not as though they haven’t made questionable casting choices before, and I have probably put a bit too much faith in CK in my rant!  But I do hope that the next CK model and image is an exciting one for their look and what the image looks like, rather than being controversial*

*thankyou Caroline Albertelli

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  1. oliveoil wrote:

    They picked him because it creates response articles like this and publicizes the brand.

  2. modeltypeface wrote:

    I know, you’re right, and I totally know that I’m playing into their hands…But I do just feel so sad at feeling that we’re losing out on the creation of iconic images to click bait.

    • oliveoil wrote:

      Iconic? It’s an advert for Calvin Klein pants, not exactly a Warhol is it 🙂

      • modeltypeface wrote:

        Well having recently enjoyed the Horst exhibition and witnessed first-hand the incredible talent in my industry, I think that fashion photography can be iconic. Plus Warhol is an interesting choice of artist if we’re talking about commercial images…

  3. Louise wrote:

    Awful thought Calvin Klein were better than him, however this article made me giggle

  4. Caroline wrote:

    Couldn’t agree more! I don’t believe every campaign model or celebrity should be a patron saint or have the moral compass of Mother Teresa, however, I do believe they need some outstanding redeeming feature! In my option Beibs lakes personality, talent, and looks. He does have a huge teen girl following and social network, but massive champagnes such as CK need more than just that. I at least excepted more. What CK did get right was Lara Stone.. they just need to crop the out Biers and keep him in Tabloids.

  5. hair_did wrote:

    Agree with you wholeheartedly. Least with social media the playing fields are levelling a bit. Big brands especially in my industry (hair ) are struggling to understand how to get the next gen to gravitate towards them.
    Somehow I am not sure if the bieber audience will be investing in pants?

    • modeltypeface wrote:

      I suppose pants are the most ‘investable’ part as they’re cheaper?

      It is a weird one with social media: someone can be very popular on Twitter or Instagram but only in that arena. They might have 500k devoted fans but the rest of the world are clueless as to who they are! But is it better to have 500k devoted rather than lots of people heard of you but not devoted?

  6. modeltypeface wrote:

    Glad it made you giggle Louise! And Caroline I totally agree that models don’t need to be angels – I really love Kate Moss, for example!

    PS Lara Stone = SWOON!

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