FM is now The Squad

Many models will be familiar with FM Models. I always thought they looked too cool for me. They were the tier below the four majors (Premier, Storm, Select, Models 1) – I always associated them with Profile in my mind – and had their fair share of big names and working models.

Just like Union models got bought by Wilhemina’s, the original agency is now working under a new name: The Squad. We can only see if that name has longevity. They’re much more boutique than FM, but with some mega strong-looking women and men on their board.

This happens quite a lot and shows you how, as a model, you’re never really safe. You might stop working at any given moment, your agency may drop you any day and the agency itself is subject to the vaguaries of the industry. Agencies now have to be on board with social media and special bookings, and adapt very quickly to a market that has changed beyond recognition in the last couple of years.

If you want to survive these days and you’re not a mega social media star with endless campaigns, then it’s best to save as much money as you can for rainy days, to have connections with other bookers and to have, if possible, casual work to fall back on.

This is why I’m blimmin’ glad my Mum made me stay in Uni! Always have a fallback.

Good luck to The Squad, and to any other models who were at FM but not at The Squad I do hope you find a new agency and will get your money (an unfortunate side effect of bankruptcies – I know it all too well, having lost money from campaigns and agencies that tactically went bankrupt, carried on in a new name and paid no one. I’m not for one second implying that that’s what The Squad have done, I’m just saying that this stuff does go on and it’s best to know about it so we can always feel prepared).

It’s a risky business!

Rebecca x

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