FlashbackFriday: FAST CARS, HOT WOMEN, WILD RIDES! My Tread Cover

Yes Readers, this is me. That lady you see in Fair Trade clothing, smiling sweetly and talking about feminism…



What is funny about this shot is how very unsexy the reality was. You know the truth? I had the worst camel toe in that catsuit. Like, INSANELY BAD. If you saw it, you’d wince. I also remember feeling a bit fat, as we’d had to wait around whilst the shot was set up (we were at a drag racing/aeroplane weird cemented place in Essex). While waiting, I believe I’d had one or two or three or ten biscuits/donuts/chocolate cake pieces/packets of crisps and then been surprised by the stylist with this skintight catsuit (let that be a lesson to you all).

So, quick-thinking as I am I decided that I’d do an over-the-shoulder shot, to save readers from an anatomically correct vision of my fanny. I then stood there, breathing in diesel fumes for half an hour, slowly getting a crick in my neck and pain in my back from sticking my bum out so much.

Has my bum:waist ratio been slightly digitally altered here? Hmmm – I’m saying nothing, but I’m not entirely sure where my kidneys are meant to fit…

Later on, I had to do a shot on a car bonnet. The owners of the cars were all stood around, filming the whole thing on their phones. What was I doing? Straddling the male model, pretending to snog him.

“I hope my Gran doesn’t see this,” I whispered.

“I hope my fiance doesn’t see this,” he quietly replied. “Oh. Er. Your top,” he added.

I looked down. My strapless dress had folded down to my waist, revealing my boobs to the entire audience of men filming – who had all decided not to tell me. I felt horribly self-conscious, and silently fought back tears whilst I carried on fake snogging.

I do feel that I have to add here – flashing aside, it was an absolutely incredible shoot! I had such fun pretending that I was in Grease the Musical and the photographer, Jamie Baker, was and is one of the most talented, enthusiastic guys I’ve ever had the fortune of working with.

I shall look on this shot when I’m old and arthritically pat myself on the back – retouch, camel toe and all.

Rebecca x

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