5 Popular Poses I Just Don’t Get, Part II: PISSING IN THE STREET!

Here we are again, looking at the model poses that baffle me…Even as I find myself doing them.

And today, we have…

Look 3: P*ssing in the Street! 

I diligently developed these bright white ankle sock tan lines at school and I remain rather fond of them.

Why it works: It gets the whole outfit into a crop.

Why I hate it: Because it looks like I’m pissing on the studio floor! I can’t be the only one who thinks this?!

On a side note, watch out for cellulite when you do this shot in a pair of shorts or other leg-revealing outfits. The squashing of all that thigh on calves can lead to a horrendously bumpy appearance. You need to sort of squat without putting too much weight on your calves, which is a seriously Olympian task – but worth it for the smoother thighs.

If cellulite is an issue for you, by the way, then start body brushing and using Weleda’s Birch Tree Cellulite Oil, which I’ve previously reviewed for the blog The Truth About Beauty.

I’m wearing a Zara dress and Eley Kishimoto heels that I found in a charity shop (WIN!)

The lipstick as Lady Danger by Mac

Click here or on the picture below to see my in-depth exploration of yesterday’s senseless poses….


The pictures were taken by Theodore Games Petrohilos (Here’s his brilliant Instagram, too)

PLEASE tell me of any other poses you’d like to see! You can do it on Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook!

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