Fighting eczema with Cetraben

I’ve always had random outbreaks of eczema. My scalp, my face, my legs – I can go without suffering for years and then KABLAM! That dry heat, the itching, tightness and redness that comes with the condition come on with no warning. I suppose I’m lucky, because many others can suffer constantly their whole lives and it can cover the whole body, whereas for me it tends to be in randomised patches for short periods of time.

At the moment, I rather strangely find myself suffering with a small, red patch of eczema in the ‘webbing’ between my middle and fourth finger of my right hand. And it’s agony, because obviously I am constantly typing/in downward dog/cooking/gesticulating and whenever it feels a bit tight, I’m reminded of the discomfort with every tiny movement. It’s worse in the heat because the dry heat of the patch gets worse.

There’s only one cream I know I can rely on, and that’s Cetraben. It’s not quite as green and plant-based as my usual beauty products, but in this case all I care about is that it feels rich and cooling, non-irritating and most of all, effective against the driving-me-madness little patch of evil on my hand.

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So basically this helps replace lipids (layers of oil) that have been lost on the skin, and forms a layer of protection on the skin to prevent water loss.

The second I put it on I feel soothed, and applying it 3-4 times to the area a day has really helped prevent further flare-ups. It’s also great for dry lips and I use it as a body moisturiser after swimming or sauna-ing, as it helps fight dehydration.

Best of all it’s really cheap, so you can give it a go if you’ve been trying and failing with other cures and you don’t want to splash out any more.

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