Fashion Week Prep With Pukka

I got some advice from Pukka, who you may have seen me mention once or twice on MTF…It’s from nutritionist Cassandra Barns and it’s all about surviving Fashion Week with your skin and energy intact. I thought I’d give it a little share here as there are lots of things here that I rely on.

A few of the words I can summon up about Fashion Week would be….STRESS. RUNNING. High heels. Let down. Excited. No sleep. Fittings til 2am. So much make up. So much hair spray. So many vertically-challenged make up artists. Tube and bus. Long queues. Ignored. Hopeful. Hungry. Clothes too tight. No time to drink. Last minute.

Basically, it’s up and down, tiring, frustrating, exciting, horrible and incredible all at once, and your body and skin pay the price. Here are three ways to get through from Pukka…

  1. Stress, Travel, Late Nights & Early Call Times…

Ashwagandha is a herb that helps you relax. I know, it sounds a bit mad, but I gave it a go and I noticed, after a few weeks, that my usual heart-beating anxiety was a lot more toned down. I have it before bed, which is when lots of thoughts race into my mind usually.

During fashion week your sleep and work and travel schedule are all out of the window and it changes by the minute. You might be stressed about your outfit, your measurements or whether an option will be coming on or off, as well as flying between the major cities. It’s a real feat of endurance though the end result – the serene gliding down that catwalk – always feels like the payoff.

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen,which helps the body adapt to, and cope with, stress, and it’s known for it’s ability to help you feel a steady energy and calmness.

Take two in the morning and two in the evening throughout the week – and beyond. £15.95 at Pukka

  1.   Show Season Skin

Lots of us rely on coffee to get through fashion weeks: wake us up, get us running around, keep us from falling asleep standing on our stiletto-clad feet. But it can be really dehydrating, not to mention getting the stress hormone, cortisol, pumping round our sleep-deprived bodies. It’s not sustainable so you need to start carrying round a few sachets of herbal tea to pop in your mugs backstage.

Pukka’s Turmeric Gold Tea (£2.49 from Pukka) is a good choice as it’s anti-inflammatory so it helps keep redness and breakouts at bay – make sure you also avoid alcohol-laden face wipes and sugary snacks, too.  Turmeric can also support the liver so if you’re indulging in a glass of bubbly or two after the show, you’re giving your system a bit of a boost.

I’ve also spoken about the benefits of Matcha tea – Pukka’s Mint Matcha Tea (£2.24 from Pukka) is a lovely, refreshing brew, which gives you a steady energy flow rather than nasty spikes and drops.

  1. Bloating

Models often find themselves scoffing a donut at the end of the day and realising that’s all they’ve eaten. It’s all very well saying ‘carry round almonds with you’ for snacks on the go, and I would hate to think of people skipping nutritious meals – but I’m realistic that sometimes we don’t even have time to buy them! Lots of meals end up being missed, which is really unhealthy but sometimes unavoidable as our schedules can be so choc-a-bloc. This can result in feeling weirdly skinny AND bloated.

I’ve got my favourite tea, which Pukka also recommend: their ‘Cleanse’ concoction (£2.00 from Pukka). The fennel and peppermint are really soothing and give you a pleasant relaxed, refreshed feeling. It’s also great for a hangover ;-).

To everyone doing London Fashion Week castings at the moment – truly hoping you bag a show or ten – and most of all that you come out the other side feeling healthy, happy and centred.

PS – this post wasn’t sponsored by Pukka. I just love ’em.



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