Fashion Revolution Day

It’s Fashion Revolution Day! This is all about remembering our responsibility that, when we buy an item of clothing, it has direct consequences up and down the supply chain.

So, if we’re paying £10 for a pair of jeans made in Bangladesh, the person making them probably works unbearably long hours in horrific conditions, for not enough money to sustain a decent lifestyle, i.e. a living wage.

Look at your label, and just have a think – who was that person in Bangladesh/China/wherever it says? What was their day like when they made it?

That’s all. I’m not telling you to start wearing only hand-weaved hemp – just to remember that it was human hands that stitched the fabric of the clothes you’re wearing, and that human hand belonged to someone as deserving as you are of a living wage and decent working conditions.

My jumper was, of course, the lovely People Tree, the pioneering Fair Trade clothing label for whom I am an ambassador.

If this post has inspired you to post yourself, then join the revolution! Instructions below.

PS – You’ll be in good company!

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