Face of the Future: Modeltypeface Meets Child Model, Eva!

When I first met Eva, we were at a Pixi Store Launch and I was utterly enchanted. She’s very beautiful, but Eva is also very intelligent and interesting, and we had loads of chats about fashion, style, museums and our favourite books. Eva’s Mum is Liha, whose exotic smelling shea butters I’ve reviewed previously (seriously, check them out).


We met up so I could ask Eva and Liha all about the world of child modelling.

R: Hi Eva! So how old are you?

E: I’m ten….but I’m 11 in three days!

R: Oooh what’ll you be doing for your birthday?

E: I’ll probably just have some friends round.

R: Have you always wanted to model?

E: Hmmm well when I was really young, I was such a tomboy! I wore my Spiderman outfit everywhere and I had really short hair. And I hated pink!

R: And how did you go from Spiderman to supermodel?

E: Well, lots of people told me and my parents that I could do it, but I never really thought about doing it for real. But we thought we’d give it a go, as it looks like so much fun, and I’m definitely growing to like it.

R: Who are your favourite models?

E: Ermmmm. Well I like Cara Whatshername.

R: Delevigne?

E: Yes! She can be a bit OTT but I think she’s funny.

R: I think that’s a pretty good summary of Cara! So do you love fashion?

E: I’m a bit different to my friends – I really like 90s fashion, and the Spice Girls.

R: Don’t say that! That is like yesterday for me! I suppose it seems like ages ago to you…Now you’re a model, have you changed the way you think about your appearance? Do you feel like you have to look after yourself more?

E: Well, I always use Liha Beauty Oil in my hair and on my skin. It contains Tuberose so it smells lovely and it’s amazing for my hair.

R: You’re like a pro spokeswoman already! I agree, it’s lovely stuff! What about your weight and diet – are you worried that getting into modelling so young might affect things like that?

E: Not really. I never want to be skinny. But I have become a vegetarian so my diet has changed recently.

R: What caused that dramatic change?

E: I just hate to think of the slaughtering. That is an animal, and every animal has a part to play in the world not becoming a complete wreck. Every time one more person becomes vegetarian in the world, that means the world is one less bit of a wreck. I just think it’s cruel, like killing your best friend.

R: It sounds like you’ve got a lot of compassion – if you get rich and famous, are you gonna channel it for the greater good?

E: I used to be afraid of telling people about vegetarianism but I’m not any more. Millionaires never seem to do much charity but I would keep some of my money and spend the rest on stopping poverty and helping the world.

R: Eva, that is amazing. I have no doubt you’re going to do great things!

I also asked Eva’s mum, Liha, a few questions about getting into child modelling, as I know lots of Mums who are interested on behalf of their offspring, so they can start getting those Uni saving funds on the go.

R: Hi Liha! What agency is Eva at?

L: Road Casting Kids. It’s small and friendly and I know lots of the other Mums.

R: Did you have any reservations about Eva becoming a model?

L: Oh definitely. There’s a lot of stigma around child modelling. But she kept being offered jobs, so I thought I’d look into it and do it properly. I actually modelled in my 20s and I really saw the dark side – there are some shady characters out there. We’ve decided to pursue this, so I wanted to do it properly and safely, with lots of input.

R: Do you worry that it might change Eva?

L: She’s beautiful, but she’s well-rounded. She loves it, and the industry has totally changed since I was doing it –  there are people like you giving advice – so I feel confident about it. It’s just a great way to save money and travel while she’s studying.

R: With a Mum like you, she’ll be fine!

Rebecca x

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