Exciting New Pics!

Hello all! I’m very excited with my new pictures. There’s a bit of a story to them, actually.

So Igor rang up and said, in his happiest voice (which means he’s about to break not-so-great-news), “Hun, I’m off on holiday next week and you’re off to Birmingham.”

“Oh cool! What am I shooting?”

“Birmingham Style Magazine.”

“Er, that sounds a bit shit…How much do they pay?”

“Tum-te-tum, let me see, lalalala,” (now I really knew it wouldn’t be great. £100? £70?) “Oh yes, nothing, paying your travel though.”

I must admit, I felt like I had come to the end of my career and this would be ridiculously bad. The night before I grew steadily tetchier, convinced that the pictures would be terrible and anyone who I have ever crossed would see them and laugh maniacally.

On the day, I got to the studio in the pouring rain a little on-guard. AND I WAS SILLY AND RIDICULOUS AND RATHER SNOBBY TO HAVE BEEN SO! It was a gorgeous office, with a cracking team of creative, ambitious folk who are making a bloody good magazine called Style Birmingham! Though the make up looks took a long time to do, the shoot was mega easy as the photographer (Andrew Riley) is absolutely brill! Many of the best editorials are unpaid, because they are often by young, exciting creative people rather than established brands and publishing houses.

I’m thrilled with my fresh new pictures. Thanks to the team and let this be a lesson to us all: don’t assume the worst, and just do what Igor says.

Rebecca x

Style Bham4 Style BHam1 Style Bham5 Style Bham3 Style Bham2

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