Every Model’s Shameful Secret…

What do…


Giselle for Vogue by Inez and Vinoodh, making me want to just give up…



Kate Moss in Vogue…my of my faves…I saw her in the flesh once and she seemed really smiley



If the rumours are true, Bieber did pretty well there…

Have in common?

Well, underneath that sexy exterior, those incredibly luxurious clothes, that pout, that hair, that je ne sais quoi…

They’re all wearing…


Delightfully named ‘flesh coloured’ bra and thongs make you look like a mannequin with no ‘bits’

The unsexiest underwear known to mankind. The delightfully fleshy coloured (bleurgh) bra and thong.

There’s a checklist for models when they arrive on a shoot, and disobey it at your peril. It’s not as though we have to do very much in preparation for a shoot: we don’t need to put together a complex powerpoint, revise, or learn lines. We just have to…

– Turn up clean
– Be on time
– Be nice to everyone
– Wear a nude bra and thong.

It’s so you can’t see the shape or colour or style of your underwear underneath – so sadly for me, I can’t wear my favourite Bert and Ernie pants.


After hearing me tell him endlessly ‘I can’t wait to show you my amazing new knickers’, my boyfriend looked very disappointed when I unveiled these…

I hadn’t ever worn a thong before I started modelling, and it took some getting used to. They are very much ‘up your crack’ but you can change into your favourite Bridget Joneses or, in my case, Fairtrade Who Made Your Pants pants when you get home. Or commando – people should go commando more. I digress. What you want is a microfiber thong, which sits to your skin without causing any lines underneath the clothes. I recommend the absolute best to be Intimissi.They’re undetectable under clothes such as tight, white silk, and you don’t get any indentation into your flesh, which interrupts the hang of certain materials and cuts.

uglypants uglypants2

These microfibre thongs from Intimissi are £5 each and really ugly, but you gotta get ’em!

My pal, the super gorgeous Rudie McCree who is at Bookings Models with me (just look at that face!)


 Rudie is ‘One to Watch’!

…Was telling me how hard it is for black girls to find nude underwear. Rather ridiculously, ‘nude’ only ever seems to come in a particularly vile shade of pale-like-a-zombie flesh, and she had to get her knickers imported from the US at great cost. Recently, ‘Nubian Skin‘ has been launched, aimed at women of colour, and their ecomm is coming soon!


I honestly think it’s ridiculous that high street shops don’t sell flesh colour for more than one shade of flesh!

As for nude bras, you want a slightly padded one with removably straps. Nothing lacy or fancy, you hear me – as bland and ‘prosthetic boob’ as you can find. Like this beautiful, racy little number from the Temple of Bland, Debenhams

When wearing your nude bra and thong, you WILL look like you have absolutely no boobs or genitals – instead it appears that you possess various fleshy, smooth mounds. Yes, it’s incredibly unattractive, and no, it doesn’t live up to the sexy rep that modelling has. I bet even Rosie HW looks a bit odd in hers. However it doesn’t really matter – the only person who’s going to see you is the stylist – and they’ve seen it ALL before, believe me! They won’t express disgust, but gratitude that you’ve turned up to the shoot like a pro.

Rebecca x

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  1. Kenzo wrote:

    Great stuff – keep it coming……

  2. Haaaa love this! So true ! Xxx

  3. modeltypeface wrote:

    So I have a Facebook page too (address at end of this article), where lots of my industry friends comment, so I just thought I’d copy and paste a couple of really useful comments I’ve received!

    This from Aron Peterson:

    “Ah yes, a retouchers favourite moment is when a girl shows up at work wearing black underwear with fluorescent piping and ‘SMACK DAT’ written across the back. Not mentioning any names.”

  4. […] Nude underwear is a must, as is a microfibre thong. You’ll be in all sorts of looks and I remember one model being bitched about by the client for wearing French knickers, which looked terrible under the tight trousers. […]

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