Dominyka’s Green Report: DIY Luxury.

Dear February,

Thank you for being over. Even though you are one of the most fun months of the year, gosh you’re crazy. With the fashion weeks, castings, heels, make up, studies, social life and… life, you left no space for SPA time. Yes Spa – AKA ‘Self Pampering Action.’ I totally made that up, but yeah – I need me some ME time. I am desperate for a little massage, steam and mask that makes skin feel like baby’s bum, or perhaps look like Charlize Theron. This has actually happened before, with this amazing facialist I see in NY (Shhh don’t tell anyone else, but it’s Britta Plug).

When I don’t have time to see my facialist, I have to get creative. I can fit in a mini-luxury for myself, by myself, at least 10-30 min before shower once a week (and sometimes more). My absolute favorite quick fix for blemishes and dry skin is sooo simple, I promise you will have time to schedule it in.

I simply use honey on my skin.

I smear it all over my face and leave it on from 5 to 25 min before shower. It comes of in no time when in contact with water. Honey is nature’s miracle. Full of minerals and antioxidants. Perfect for getting rid of the dry skin cells as it is filled with enzymes and amino acids. It acts as a natural humectant, which helps to keep the skin moisturized. I specifically love Manuka honey for its renowned magical properties. Now, if I have an extra minute I add some clays to the honey, or mix some natural yoghurt with the clays, or all together. Now there’s a party – just some bubbly missing 😉 .

Clays are also wonderful. They absorb the excess oils, exfoliate and increase circulation in the skin, which means your skin cell regeneration is accelerated and leads to a replenished complexion. When choosing your clays, it helps if you know your skin type, because there are options. These are my favorites:

Rose clay – it is good for all skin types, but it is fantastic for sensitive skin. Even if it’s a very gentle clay, it’s great for gentle exfoliation, regeneration of collagen, calming down irritations and inflammations. (love R.L. Linden & Co ‘whole lotta roses’)

Rhassoul clay – this one is my go-to. I have a normal to combination skin that is sensitive/temperamental, especially that time of the month. It is very calming, reduces breakouts without drying out the skin.

If you have oily skin, Fuller’s Earth Clay (May Lindstrom’s ‘Problem Solver’ key ingredient) and Bentonite Clay are best. The latter you can use internally too, which I am yet to try.

If your are slacking in DIY department, and I certainly fall short at times, below are my favorite masks on the ‘green beauty’ market:

Dr. Hauschka ‘Clarifying Clay Mask’, ‘Moisturizing Mask’, ‘Rejuvenating Mask

The Organic Pharmacy ‘Honey and Jasmine Mask

Josh Rosebrook ‘Cacao Antioxidant Mask

You can get some of them at ‘Content Beauty’ in London, Whole Foods or online shops. All the mentioned masks above, I have purchased myself and the pictured products are my empties.

Dominyka x

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