Discover some of London’s best food at Feast @ Fitzrovia

One of the best things about being a model is how much free time we have to pootle around whatever city we happen to be in that month and soak up the flavours. I’ve discovered some amazing things that way. There was the big family barbeque I joined in with in Athens (realising a bit too late that it was actually a protest once the armed police started closing in. Still – an experience, plus I enjoyed some delicious spanakopita). Or the time in Tokyo at 4am that I drunkenly wandered, lost and alone, into a man with a huge knife slicing up a monster fish, who gave me some sashimi (could have gone horribly wrong on so many levels). Oooh – the time I did a night shoot in an Italian café in Soho and they had a machine that did shots of pure melted chocolate, and it made me so happy that the waitress gave me a whole mug of it, and then I felt sick but contented all night.

I got so much more out of those adventures than I ever have done from going into ‘safe’ chains where everything will be reliably the same. So come check out Feast @ Fitzrovia this week. It’s slightly annoying to me that some of the best places to eat and drink in London are on Charlotte Street, because all of my boyfriend’s exes seem to be called Charlotte. But still – it’s such a great hotspot of independent cafés, swish restaurants and basements serving dangerous cocktails, most of which have received the seal of approval in a glowing review from Grace Dent. I trust her, because she’s interested in tastes, textures, the depth of flavour and a friendly atmosphere rather than shiny poncery.

At the moment you can head to the website to check out what’s on on what days…But if I wasn’t headed off to Paris on Friday for (another) (but very excited about it) wedding, I’d be going to the ‘Battle of the BBQs’….

Completely FREE, you can watch some of Charlotte Street’s best chefs battle it out to be crowned winner. Who decides? The audience! How do they decide? BY EATING THE FOOD! Now THAT is my kind of competition!

The chefs include my future husband (only joking Theo) (hmmm am I though?) Jun Tanaka…

Jun Tanaka (credit Palida Boonyarungsrit)[1]

Vs Mark Block of Stephen Street Kitchen. I’m pretty sure that seasoned chef Mark is hot stuff at cooking but I’ve sampled Jun’s food at his restaurant, The Ninth, and my money’s on him. The Ninth serve all my favourite sort of sharing dishes – roasted meats, carpaccio, stews – all of which are sharing platters, the best way to dine. It is actually pretty sample-size friendly if you skip the dessert! (But that would be a shame).

IMG_8821This tarte tatin, a specialty of The Ninth, still haunts my dreams…

Do check out this fantastic festival, which celebrates the sort of thing that makes London great. It’s fun, interactive, community spirited and THERE’S LOADS OF FOOD AND BOOZE!

Check out for more details.

Rebecca x

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