DERMALOGICA: Bringing out the Big Guns

Most make up artists have Dermalogica in their kit. You know why? Because their products work.

They’re not my every day products. I favour either natural and organic, such as Burt’s Bees and Therapi, or very simple products like Avéne. From trial and error, I know that I need to keep it very simple or my skin can get aggravated – of course, everyone is different!

But for the day of a shoot, Dermalogica will prep your skin perfectly for the make up artist and keep your skin in good nick throughout the day. I see using Dermalogica as I would see putting on an expensive pair of high heels – I treat myself to it now and then but if I wore them everyday, I’d lose the special effect.

Dermalogica have a limited edition of miniatures out now called ‘Our Favourites,’ and it’s the perfect toolkit for work trips. Let me talk you through each of the hero products and why they’re so perfect for shoots (or just a long weekend break!) away.


What it does: This is an oil that you massage into your face to cut through the make up, SPF, grime and dirt. After this massaging, add a splash of water and the product will transform into a ‘milky emulsion’ to lift off all that debris. Preps your skin perfectly for a deep cleanse.

Why it’s so great: You can take all that make up off without having to faff around with cotton wool (which will start getting all manky and fluffy the second you put it in your toiletries bag). It’s also very nourishing to skin as it contains olive and apricot oil, so any drying out from the aeroplane won’t be exacerbated. My skin feels soothed rather than stressed, which make up removal (especially wipes) can cause.

Also it’s quite a generous size so this’ll last longer than some of the other products.

Multi-Active Toner

What it does: A brilliant hydrating and calming toner containing arnica and cucumber. One of the best products by Dermalogica, this is one I always have on my bathroom shelf.

Why it’s so great: Contains humectants, which prevent moisture loss. It really does keep on performing throughout the day, moisturising and soothing your skin – so it’s great to take on the plane to keep your skin calm and hydrated.

Skin Hydrating Booster

What it does: Exactly what it says on the ‘tin’. This contains cult product hyaluronic acid, which is now viewed as ‘the fountain of youth’ for it’s moisture booting qualities and algae extract, which is extremely nourishing.

Why it’s so great: This is the last product in this kit that I’ll see in practically all make up artists’ kits. You can really trust it to deeply hydrate your skin, giving it a good glow but not clogging pores or feeling remotely oily. It literally disappears into your skin in seconds.

Gentle Cream Exfoliant

What it Does: Massage in this face mask & exfoliate which contains Lactic Acid and Hydroxy Acid to help detach dead skin cells. This helps to increase cell renewal while improving texture of the skin.

Why it’s so great: I used this on myself and a friend for the first time yesterday on a little ‘spa day’ whilst away. I was very cautious, as it said that skin may tingle, and I wanted to avoid irritating my skin but I didn’t feel that at all. Washing it off after 15 minutes I was shocked that my skin really, truly had transformed – it was silky but hydrated.

I would definitely use this when the trip was getting really tiring (there are a lot of early mornings and working into the night) and I was worried that I didn’t have that ‘glow’. A little wonder product.

Skin Perfect Primer SPF30

What it does: This creates a ‘velvety’ surface thanks to the silicones, but with a matt finish due to the minerals and pearl powder. The SPF obviously helps shield skin from sun damage.

Why it’s so great: Of all of these, this is the least useful for a trip, because the make up artist may not want matt, tinted skin that’s very smooth and velvety. It’s best to take your own moisturiser, preferable with SPF here.

However it would be great for a leisurely trip away as it gives the evening effect of tinted moisturiser, and a great matt effect. I’d use in place of foundation.

I’ll definitely be taking this kit on trips away in future – I’d prefer it to contain a standard SPF moisturiser, but the primer will come in handy for my next romantic getaway!

Find the kit here priced at £33.50
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