#DearNYFW: A Heartfelt Letter from Hartje about the Pressures on Models to be Skinny

I saw this on my friend Hartje’s Facebook and just had to share her story.

#DearNYFW – when I had my weight down to nearly 100 lbs, my hip circumference finally measured 34 inches, and I had my best fashion show seasons.

However, as an active person, i started breaking my ribs quite often, during exercise or by bumping into things.

I was horrified to learn that being underweight had both caused my body to lose bone density, as well as affected my fertility.

Even though the thought of gaining weight horrified me, I was very fortunate to have support through my agencies, who embrace who I am and see my health and fitness as an asset, as seen on the right.

#DearNYFW, as models, we care about each others’ health, so when we saw the findings from @ModelAllianceNY and @NEDAstaff ’s research study, we decided to stand together and use our platform to affect change. please understand that it is part of the fashion industries responsibility to promote and encourage HEALTHY BODIES, and DIVERSITY in AGE and ETHNICITY .
#healthy #happy #modellife #fit #strong #nyfw #modelalliance

See Hartje’s Instagram here

PS, for those who don’t really do pounds/kilos, to give you a picture 100lb is 7.15 stone – at 5″9 I’m about 9 stone and my BMI is 19.

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