Dealing with…..JEALOUSY!!

Everyone gets jealous in the fashion industry. There is always a girl who’s prettier, has a better body, a more winning smile, a better personality. There’s always a photographer getting more work, or a make up artist with less experience booking more shoots. Basically, there’s always someone doing way better than you, nabbing the jobs you were optioned for.


I have most definitely felt jealous at certain points of my career. And it’s made worse by social media, where other people’s beautiful shots and busy weeks are plastered all over my newsfeed, while I’m sat at home eating slightly stale toast and watching Who Do You Think You Are. But there’s feeling slight envy, and then there’s horrible, toxic jealousy. The sort of jealousy that makes your heart race, your mind swirl and doubts about yourself course through your mind.

The trouble is, though, that jealousy is an ugly emotion, and we’re meant to be beautiful. And if you’re feeling full of poison and negativity, you’re really not gonna book any jobs. So my advice is to let those emotions pulse around your veins for, like, 20 minutes. And then let it settle down and take the positives from the situation.

Modelling is a job with little control over what’s happening to you, but there are always actions you can take to feel more in control. So think:

1) What have they got that you don’t have? If it’s ridiculous bone structure or a pair of naturally pert DDs, there’s nothing you can do. But what if they have a huge social media following? Or they work out all the time and look mega healthy? Perhaps it’s time to ditch the Hovis…


….And reach for the wheatgrass….


…And get on Instagram. Is your rival’s portfolio full of insane pictures? Then maybe it’s time to invest in a few tests to get yours up to scratch.

2)  Have a think about what you have that they don’t. List all the great things you have – maybe mentally, so it doesn’t get discovered by someone and make you look vain. It could be your experience, it could even be the fact that you’re a totally fresh new face. I always like to picture my blog and other published writing work, which also reminds me that I have a life outside modelling.

3) Finally, breathe deeply and start focusing on your life. What do you want to change? How will go go about doing that?

Taking control will give you things to do with your day other than waiting for your booker to call you with that perfume campaign. It’ll give you some self-esteem and a bit more self-respect.

Otherwise you’ll sit around sulking all day – and frowning gives you wrinkles.


Rebecca x

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