Dealing with A Hangover! (My Vlog For When You Feel Like the Scream Emoji…)

OK, we’ve all done it. Met someone for an early dinner, with intentions of eating light and sticking to sparkling water.

Then, the olives come out and it would be rude not to have a TINY little TASTER of wine with them.

Then the olives stoke your appetite and you over order.

Then the wine tastes so very yummy that…oops! Half a bottle went in your mouth and magically made your head wonderfully dreamily floaty and fun.

Until the next day when, after a bad night’s sleep, skin looks lacklustre at best and grey at worst and you feel heavy from all that yummy but heavy food! Oh no – and you have a casting/meeting/date/job today!!!

Don’t worry. It’s reversible! Just watch my vlog for a few little beauty treats that’ll have you feeling presentable in no time….


Pixi Glow Tonic, £18 (PS on another note, this has made the large pores on my nose shrink dramatically – more than any other product ever has done before!)

Angela Langford Bloom and Glow £20.50

Trilogy CoQ10 Age Proof Booster Oil ££29.50

Intelligent Nutrients Stem Cell Revitalising Moisturising Créme, £45



  1. Lynda Glass wrote:

    I should look half as good hungover lol xx

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