Day 3: ‘SMIZING’ with Photographer Jay McLaughlin!

Tyra coined the phrase ‘smizing’ – but what is it?!

Well, it’s thinking about something to give your eyes an expression. It is the idea that there’s something going on in that brain of yours. Without it, it’s just a picture of a model…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI just sort of look like, in my mind, I might (at a push) be thinking about lunch.

But with a bit of thinking – what makes you laugh, who you fancy, who you hate, what attitude you’re adopting…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis has a bit more connection with the lens and interaction with the viewer.

…You’ll have a better picture that says something a bit more than ‘I’m pwetty’.

Tyra has some tips for smizing, delivered in a rather unsettling manner…

And our Jay has some slightly more down to earth tips…

Look through photography books and pick up on why images talk to you. Kate Moss is great at this – her face, her eyes are always saying something – but in a very calm, cool way.

The more you look at magazines, books and exhibitions, the more you soak up the way the models pose and communicate with the viewer.

As soon as you arrive on a shoot, you should also develop your friendship with the photographer, to make sure you’re communicating something when you’re shooting. You can do this simply by chatting, which will help you feel comfortable and help develop that unique chemistry between model and photographer that makes a standout picture.

By chemistry, I don’t mean flirting! It’s just a sort of trust and honesty between the two of you that adds to the overall soul, and/or drama, of the picture. And a lot of this communication is delivered through the eyes.”

Top tips Jay and I definitely agree with you: there is definitely a certain communication between photographer and model, and when it’s really great, the picture always benefits. Expression, communication and emotion radiating from the model makes the viewer feel something, which is what all good art should achieve.

Tune in for more of Jay’s takeover tomorrow!

Rebecca x

All make up is from Pixi, apart from the lips with are Lady Danger by Mac.

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