My amazing Modeltypeface logo was created by the hugely talented and much-revered Alan Kitching. Alan is recognised as one of the most prominent, talented and influential printers & letterpress typographers, having created logos for huge brands such as San Miguel, The Guardian, Dazed and Confused and Royal Mail.


Check out his agency, Debut Art, for a full bio, examples of his work and contact details.


My banner photograph is by Jay McClaughlin.


He’s a really special photographer, managing to establish a unique connection with each model and possessing an intuitive understanding of light.

CharlottejayJay’s photograph of model/presenter/actor/ DJ Charlotte De Carle, who was interviewed by Modeltypeface! 

Plus, you know what? Jay is a really lovely guy – there’s no act or ego with him – which is very refreshing. Shooting with him is always a collaborative, fun and creative experience, and his pictures always end up in my book!

Jay uses Olympus Pen cameras. and here’s his Twitter and Instagram

The layout is a WordPress template but the code and layout has been fiddled with, fine-tuned and much improved by the architect and artist Theodore Games Petrohilos. Handily, he happens to be my boyfriend. All of that technology stuff can be utterly baffling and slightly unnerving to me in the beginning, so thank goodness for Theo’s patience and skill.

Theo works at Studio Egret West as an architect, and draws cartoons for the Architects’ Journal, like this….


And does stuff like this…

don't go…Just cos he fancies doing it.

Check out his website, and his Instagram

Rebecca x

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