#whatnormalfeelslike BOOBS! Come to the Coppafeel! Pop Up Next Week and Celebrate your BOOBS!

How prescient – I chat about boobs on my blog, and the brill charity Coppafeel! get in touch that day to tell me about their exciting pop-up in association with bath, body and beauty brand I Love…

Coppafeel! are a charity who encourage people (men as well as women) to check their breasts regularly. Started when its founder, Kris Hallenga, was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer aged just 23, they encourage greater awareness and education around breast cancer. It’s a brilliant young, fresh and vitally important charity.

The pop-up is in aid of revealing their new advertising campaign, shot by Rankin, in which women have painted words on their bare chest to describe their breasts. Just another way of getting a woman’s norks out for the advertising agents? You cry? No way!

It’s all about starting a conversation about our breasts. We don’t really describe our boobs in any other way other than ‘big’, ‘small’ – or, more regularly, ‘too big’ or ‘too small’. It’s like our boobs don’t belong to us ladies any more – they’re just another part of our bodies that are meant to subscribe to impossibly, unattainably high standards. We don’t talk about the way they feel, or make us feel – just whether they measure up OK according to some spurious ideal.

Well it’s time to stop the size chat and start a conversation about what our actual, real, own boobs mean and feel to us! Once #whatnormalfeelslike starts to be discussed, our real boobs stop becoming taboo – and ignorance around breast health is combated. Some girls have already been photographed holding placards saying ‘squidgy’, ‘spongey’ and ‘bouncy’. How would you describe yours? And how will I describe mine?! I’m still trying to come up with an original adjective, but come down on the 18th, when I’ll be getting a manicure by WAH nails, and find out what I go with!


Ella Eyre and Foxes join the conversation…

For the brave among you, those who dare to bare their breasts in the ‘Boob Booth’ can claim a Coppafeel! Goody bag full of beauty treats from I Love…



and Balmi.


So: where to come and what to expect:

Where: Come to 91 Brick Lane E1 6QL (shop 12, Dray Walk Lane)

Date: the 18th – 21st September

What to expect:
– Exhibition of campaign images, show by Rankin
– Manicures by WAH! Nails and Barry M on the Thursday and Friday
– Classic up-dos styled by Paul Mitchell & Vintage Hair stylists on the Saturday and Sunday

It looks so much fun and I can’t wait. See you there!!

Rebecca x

Coppafeel! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coppafeel.org
oppafeel! Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoppaFeelPeople
oppafeel! Instagram: http://instagram.com/coppafeelpeople

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  1. Aisha Masood wrote:

    Great way to raise awareness about such an important topic xx

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