Clean & Care for Your Make Up Brushes With Weleda

Be honest with me. When was the last time you washed your make up brushes?

Have you ever washed them?*

Bearing in mind that before I was ten I knew what mascara, blushes, foundation, powder, lipstick and gloss were, where they went and why we wear them, it’s strange that washing make up brushes just isn’t something that I was aware I had to do.

I think it’s true for lots of people out there. Otherwise, it’s a bit like bras – we do wash them, but probably not quite as much as we should (come on I am NOT alone here….Am I?).

Maybe it’s because we assume we need to order ‘special expert stuff’ off the internet and never quite get round to it.

So if you fall into this bracket, what you need to do, right now, is order this Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash from Weleda. It’s great for you – I often wash my fringe with it (it’s a bangs thing, the fringe gets greasy and the rest is nice = over the sink mini hair wash) and it smells beautiful. It’s also a brilliantly gentle and effective way of cleaning make up brushes.

What you want to do is dab a bit on the brush, really work it through, feel shocked at how much goop comes out of the brush, and if necessary repeat. Then rinse thoroughly and do all your brushes and leave them to dry somewhere, perhaps on a towel or hanging over the sink edge.

It takes minutes, really, and it means that your brushes are clean rather than breeding bacteria that you’re going to work into your pores next time you apply.

Best of all, this is just £7.50 and lasts practically forever.

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Rebecca x

*I know lots of make up artists read MTF, so you’re obviously exempt here.

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