Check out My Model Mates’ Blogs!

Recently a few of my friends have started blogs and I just wanted to share their pages, especially as they are ladies who have been so supportive of Modeltypeface throughout the years!

First up is Sophie Bolton’s, or Sophie Holmes’ blog. Sophie did a brilliant interview with me years back, in which she told me all about how she got into modelling and how it messed with her brain and her body. She’s also spoken about modelling and motherhood and how to balance to two – so her new blog is about ‘Mumming and Modelling’! Learn all about her jetsetting life and family based in South Africa here.

The second is Emily Vickers-Willis’ blog, You must recognise Emily’s name if you’re remotely a regular – she’s been so generous with her time, giving me interviews, food advice and Fashion Week tips! Her blog is full of chat about mental health, recipes, fashion and lifestyle. Though it’s new, it certainly looks very slick and I’m sure it’ll be a great way to learn about the life of a working model!

Rebecca xx

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