Check out Modeltypeface’s Mates in this House of Fraser Commercial!

Check out Modeltypeface mates Emily Vickers-Willis and the beautiful Caroline Albertelli in this very glam advert for House of Fraser.


All I could think when I watched it was ‘thank goodness I didn’t do this advert’ as I have the worst co ordination and I can only play tennis if I stand 3 paces from the net and do ‘underhand’ serves, with my Dad being kind to me and doing easy hits. Me serving? Me running in a long dress? The chances of me hitting a ball? Everyone on the shoot would have hated me.

Oh and I would have ripped the dress.

My money was on long and lanky Caroline but it looks like Emily was victorious!

Enjoy x

Both girls are at Bookings Models

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  1. Rebecca wrote:

    it would have been such a fun day if you had been there as well! We *might* have taken advantage of the weather and had a couple of g&t’s once the makeup was done and the last of the filming was going on. X

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