Charli Howard and her #AllWoman Campaign

Remember Charli Howard? We saw her write a very angry letter to her ex-agency about the pressure she felt under to lose weight from her size 6 frame. Since then Charli has remained active and visible in talking, posting and sharing her thoughts on body positivity and acceptance.


Along with plus size model Clem Desseaux, she’s been part of starting the #AllWoman campaign off the ground and I think it’s great. Rather than taking a theme of loving yourself to sell clothes/moisturiser/tampons, it’s literally just to make you love and accept yourself. As a self-critical model and, frankly, as a rather typically self-critical woman with some cellulite, thighs that wobble, a stomach that has a 6 pack that’s just not very visible and of course as I get older, it’s refreshing to see images that reflect back some of what I see in the mirror. I’m sure that goes for many more women out there, too.

Well done Charli on walking the walk and talking the talk!

Rebecca x

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