Celebrating Supermodels/Wonderwomen on Modeltypeface!

It’s been a good couple of weeks for model achievements!


Firstly, my friend and uber-model, Sophie Holmes, gave birth to a little bundle of sheer cuteness going by the name of ‘Stevie Michelle Bolton’. Named after her two Grandads, Stevie came into the world weighing 7.06 lbs.

Bearing in mind that I’ve heard nothing but horror stories so far, Sophie also had a pretty jammy birth – well, as far as a labour can possibly be! She had a 2.5 hour labour, and no time for anything stronger than gas and air as she was basically crowning as soon as she got into hospital!

Her beloved dogs are besotted with their new family member, as is her proud hubby, Pete.


Congrats, Pete and Sophie, and welcome to the world Stevie – you have many doting model aunties out there!

Also, Edie Campbell got a First in her Art History Degree at the Courtauld – bloody hell! Balancing a degree at such an esteemed establishment, whilst flying all over the world to do high-profile campaigns for the upper echelons of fashion – that’s no mean feat!


I love it when models prove that we’re so much more than our exterior, and banish all those annoying cliches about us being dumb.

Also, her Dad Roddy was cool with my Telegraph article – he could see that I took it as an opportunity to big up models and education. Even his Tweets were glowing with pride for his daughter’s achievements.

Finally, world famous model and previous Modeltypeface interviewee Coco Rocha gave birth to a delightfully beautific baby girl, Ioni. Her and her husband, James, look like naturals and are glowing with love for their baby.

Look at her! I came out looking like Yoda!

Mother and baby appear to be doing spankingly well – Coco is already throwing shapes – you wouldn’t know that there was a human inside her just over a week ago!

Screen shot 2015-04-07 at 18.57.21

Congratulations to all these strong, powerful women – truly inspirations to us all!

Rebecca x

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