A Big Ole Catch Up!

Phew! I have had a high octane few weeks, and I thought I’d just have a little catch up on what I’ve been doing since I got back!

So I came back from holiday DETERMINED to be more chilled. I’d been crazy manic what with modelling kicking off, journalism picking up and Modeltypeface, alongside my new fitness writing for ES Life & Style. And I think I’ve done well at maintaining a more measured and less frenetic pace, but it’s more about my attitude. Rather than looking at the 20 zillion demanding things I have to achieve in a day – all over London – I just get on and do them rather than worrying about them whilst doing them. A dramatic difference!

So what have I done? My mind feels totally blank! I did a fab little job for Aquis, the guys who make the amazing towels that have changed my hair, at the Chelsea salon Limoz Logli.


Then I headed off to Norfolk, where I did a gorgeous shoot for Notebook in a VERY fancy Downton Abbey-style house.


What a treat! I went with Marcie, who I totally love, she’s a model with morals who just got a first in Politics at LSE!

imageIn our matching revolutionary spy chic looks…

I waltzed around the grounds feeling like the lady of the manner and eating my body weight in cake (oops). There were dogs and cats and I was in heaven following them around, hugging them. I made friends with a horse and wanted to cry when I said goodbye. He was so friendly!



Speaking of cake, I have been trying to keep up my fitness that I got on holiday. I felt really good on hols, doing 15 mins or so of yoga or plank/push up sets with Theo every morning.


I’ve kept up doing something every day and I feel really great! I’d recommend it to anyone, I can definitely see my arms keeping their tone and my stomach staying fairly(!) flat.

So back to work. I came back, did my regular job for Chanel, then did my own little shoot for a sponsored post with Sukin (out tomorrow!) with Theo. I’m not gonna give you any spoilers, but it was such a great day and Theo’s so fab at helping me out with Modeltypeface. Thanks Theo!

Then what did I do? Oh yes! A shoot with Dinah Turner, who I’ve worked with for about 6 years, then off to IRELAND! To shoot Littlewoods again with the same girls, Lazara and Tessa, as last time!

imageWith Tessa

And making the same inane face with Lazara

It was just as much fun as last time, though we only had one day of shooting so it was pretty intense. Whilst over in Dublin I got my flight a couple of days later because my best friend, artist Shirani Bolle of Yoga company Breathe Like You Mean It has moved out there to be with her boyfriend, Bobby. I got to finally meet their amazing cat, Balloo!


I must say, I’ve been crazy bust the whole time but fiscally speaking the last part of this year has gone far more successfully than the first half and I’m feeling a bit less worried about buying Christmas presents/paying my mortgage/eating. The model life, eh!

Anyway, sorry I didn’t keep up mega regular posts. Basically, there are the bloggers who can do a full day of work, go back to their room and write their posts. And there’s me, who would rather stay up eating bread and butter pudding with the team and collapsing into bed without looking at my phone.

Dessert will always win out!

Rebecca xxx

OH PS!!! HOW COULD I FORGET! I’ve also been going to At Your Beat dance classes. I deffo think I’m getting better! Go to my Instagram to tell me what you think! xxx

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