CATCALLING! My Article for Vagenda

Many models have a unique and questionable ability to experience many cultural varieties of catcalling. My most hated location was Milan, where I felt that it was acceptable and open. Men, old and young, would grope, shout and laugh when I walked past – any anger or fear on my behalf only served to crack them up more.

It’s been sunnier of late in England (though it’s tipping it down as I write this) and I truly hate the fact that my transition into dresses and skirts brings with it a whole new level of shouting and leering and stares from men.

Now don’t get me wrong. Flirting is fun. Men saying ‘hello love’, or a little look is fine – because I’d be happy to do the same back. And it’s intended to make me feel nice.

But tooting your horn is what you do at sheep to get them out of the way, not to compliment a lady. Shouting out at someone about what you think of their body parts isn’t a compliment, it’s an attempt to belittle and threaten someone.

And calling someone a c*nt, bitch or ugly slag when they don’t respond by dropping to their knees in gratitude is not only abuse, but reveals that the intent behind the original ‘compliment’ – i.e. to assert control over me.

Here’s a very angry article I wrote for the brilliant Feminist blog Vagenda on catcalling and why I truly despise it. Click on the link below to head to the article…

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