Caroline Albertelli’s Latest Photos!

I had another brilliant day shooting with Caroline Albertelli and Emily Vickers-Willis. I really feel confident that Caroline’s gonna do well as a photographer – she’s gaining in confidence and starting to push herself and experiment with different lighting and angles.

The first time we shot together, we were hoping for some better-than-average social media shots – so when we got the images back, we were more than pleasantly surprised!


The next shoot saw her pictures going in Tamsin Carter’s portfolio, so I think there was a lot more pressure on Caroline to get fashion mag-standard pictures.


Caroline definitely rose to that pressure! We started out shooting in my new leather skirt, which I love! It’s from Milk It at ASOS and I’m afraid it’s sold out.


Then it was Emily’s turn: she went for the classic ‘white shirt and boyfriend jeans’ combo and was only wearing a slick of mascara. She had also been out til 3am like me…But blimey she got away with it!


Now everyone, my next look was a little out of the ordinary for me. But the thing is, I’ve been doing loads of yoga and I’m just feeling confident about my body in a way I haven’t felt in years (apart from that month where I did Barre 3 times a week for a month!). I just thought – I’m with my girlfriends, I have some nice underwear…Why not! So….


It’s so different shooting lingerie with a woman who’s your mate. I just felt relaxed and confident. Often on shoots I feel scrutinised (which is mostly caused by my own insecurities but also a fact of modelling) but here I felt celebrated and I just loved it! Plus she hasn’t really retouched my skin and body, which I find refreshing – it’s always weird when I get photos back and I have no arse and a tiny nose.

Lastly, we went to the weird foyer in Caroline’s house and shot Emily in her Ragged Priest top. It was darker so Caroline used fierce flash and it just worked – the colours popped and highlighted Emily’s insane body (whilst I stood, ready to pounce with a dressing gown in case the other residents haplessly wandered in).


Go and check Caroline’s Instagram for more shots and to get in contact if you want to test with her!

Rebecca x

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