Caring for your Skin during #LFW : A Vlog

Hello all! Here’s my vlog on how to care for your skin during THE most stressful part of a model’s career: Fashion Week.

Of course I know when FW is amazing. When you’re out on that catwalk? Thrilling. The anticipation of lining up behind the stage as the silence descends followed by the music starting? Blood-pumpingly fun.

Running around on 20 castings between 7am – 11pm (to the uninitiated, a full day of castings would usually stand at 7)? Errr. Waiting for a bus to take you to some godforsaken Zone 4 station for your next casting on the other side of the city that you should have been at 15 minutes ago, only to decide to commence walking to the station and then watching the bus ride past? Hmmm. Being sneered at by some bitchy man holding a measuring tape while you struggle to get trousers designed for an 11 year old past your ankles? Not so much.

Fashion Week can be bad for your soul and your skin. I can’t do anything about those bitchy men, London Transport or bookers’ unreasonable expectations of teleportation. But I can encourage you to look after yourself, and I can give you some pointers on how to look after your skin!

Here are the products featured:

Avéne Cleanace Expert (which I’ve previously reviewed and you can read about in detail here) is £15 and the Soapless Cleanser, £11, can be purchased at Boots

Burt’s Bees Clary Sage Day Lotion (£19.99) Cleanser (£9.99) and Face Mask (£19.99) can be found at

Trilogy Rosehip Oil is £16.50 at Boots

Rebecca x

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