“I’ve learned to love my curls,” Top Model Rudie McCree Talks Tending Her Hair with Boucléme!

You always want what you don’t have, and I would LOVE to have curly hair! I love the way it announces the wearer’s entrance when arriving in a room, the fact that it’s an instant bold style, and the attitude it radiates. But curly hair is less common, and many curley-haired people wish they could enjoy the ease of the shiny, straight hair that so many celebrities have.

I do find it funny that, on shoots, my long, straight hair is often curled….

Thesun3Shot by Helen McArdle

Whereas many curly-haired models and celebrities tame their curls with chemical treatments.

I miss Carrie’s curly bouncy hair!

I wanted to give previous Modeltypeface interviewee and Bookings model Rudie McCree (she’s Topshop’s number 1 seller, don’t you know?) some Boucléme products to try out. I know her to be the queen of curly hair – her afro can look calm…



And leaving her quite possibly unable to stand…

RudieafroA lot of products out there strip moisture from curly hair and weigh it down. However Boucléme is free of the sulphates and silicones that can cause this damage, as well as being eco-certified and not tested on animals. Kind to hair, the planet and animals?! That’s how I like my products!

After trying Boucléme for a month, I caught up with Rudie to see how she looks after her hair, and whether she was liking the products…

R: Hello Rudie! I must confess – I know very little about Afro hair and how to manage/care for it! Are there specific problems you encounter?

RM: Well Afro hair is just different variations of curly hair. Your scalp produces a natural oil to moisturise & protect the hair. The oils in curly hair can’t always travel down the length of the hair shaft, because it doesn’t have a straight path. This leads to dryness, which will eventually lead to breakage, especially when combing or brushing. So that’s why it’s extremely important for people with afro or curly hair to retain as much moisture in the hair as possible.

R: What are the best things about having curly hair? 

RM: The best thing about having curly hair is that i get the best of both worlds.. I have so many options when it comes to my hair – curly, straight, wavy, braids and most styles will look good.

Also it’s like having ear muffs in the winter time, always a plus.

rudieI see her point – my huge ears long for this kind of insulation!

R: And the worst thing about having curly hair? 

RM: At school, kids can be mean just because they see something different. And as a kid you just want to be normal and fit in, which is why most young curly girls will straighten there hair or get chemical relaxers from a young age.


Curly hair takes a lot of time to care for and some people just don’t have the patience. I’ve learned to love my curls and now and actually I love to take care of them, which is lucky as, being a model, my hair must be in tip top condition!

R: Do you think you see your hair type reflected in magazines and adverts? 

RM: I feel that nowadays there is a lot more information available is you look for it. Having said that, I do think that magazines and other writers could touch on the subject a bit more [noted! – R]. A lot of people have no idea that there are such differences between afro hair and other hair types. Also, a lot of magazines will do a section on hairstyles not taking into consideration the readers hair type, which can be quite insensitive if I’m honest…

R: …Whereas I see my hair-type  – brunette and long – in most articles, so I’m definitely not aware of what curly hair needs to be in optimum condition. What are the basic rules of care with Afro/curly hair?

RM: The first rule is try not to over-wash the hair, as this will strip away all of the hair’s natural oils and worsen the dryness. In order to retain moisture, leave the hair in protective styles, such as braids, twists or up dos for as long as possible. That way the hair can be left alone without any manipulation, which gives enough time for the natural oils to work their magic and ultimately cause less breakage.

R: So what were you using before Boucléme? 

RM: I have used a number of different products such as the Macadamia Hair products. I always go for a non-sulphate shampoo and conditioner but mostly I will stick to natural products such as natural oils, avocado, shea butter and honey.

I’m also a huge fan of products you can eat!

R: And after using it for a month, how have you found Boucléme?

RM: I’ve really enjoyed using the Boucléme products, as they’re free of the silicones, sulphates, mineral oils and parabens that can create problems for the hair. Instead they are filled with natural oils, which is really nourishing for the hair. Oh and they smell amazing which is always a plus.

RudieafrotouchRudie enjoying the smell of her Boucléme products…

R: It’s not a typical ‘foaming’ shampoo – Boucléme has to be rigorously worked into hair and that takes a bit more time than I’m used to. How did you find that? 

RM: That does take some getting used to – but I would say it’s worth it for the end results.

There are a few steps involved but nothing out of the ordinary for a curly girl like me. So this is what I do:

bouclemeThe range…

1) Cleanse with the cleanser, applying to the fingertips and massaging well into the scalp to remove all dirt. Apply more to the hair length if necessary and then detangle.

2) Rinse the hair thoroughly whilst massaging the scalp to ensure all the product/dirt has been washed away.

3) Then I follow with the conditioner, which can be left in or washed out depending on the hair type. I just go with what I feel my hair needs on the day – if it’s especially dry, I’ll leave it in. My usual technique is to rinse out partly, but not completely.

4) I always use coconut oil, so I’ll follow the conditioner with some of this to seal in moisture, especially to the areas I know tend to get more dry and frizzy.

5) The last step is the defining gel, which should be applied to soaking hair for the best results. I rake it through in sections because that’s right for my curl type.

Once I’ve done all that, I dry with the Boucleme curl towel, which I’m in love with btw. There is a video on the Boucleme YouTube channel for the best way to use it.

R: The towel! I had no idea that standard towels aren’t recommended for curly hair. Has that made a difference? 

RM: The towel is my favourite thing out of everything!

bouclemetowelRudie loves this towel, £18 from Boucléme

I don’t use normal towels on my hair as I know the damage they can do [terrycloth towels can cause friction, which leads to frizz – R], but before using the Boucléme curl towel I would use an old t-shirt. The Boucléme towel is a lot nicer to use, and I’ve really seen a difference in my hair.

R: Has anyone commented on your hair on shoots? 

RM: Actually the first day after using the products I went to my Topshop shoot and everyone was commenting on how nice my curls looked and how soft my hair was, so it was a great from day one! I’m always up for using anything that’s going to get me a few more compliments so i’ll definitely keep on with the Boucléme!

rudieRudie rocking her curls for Topshop

R: I’m a big believer that looking after your appearance has to include what you eat. What do you eat for your hair? 

RM: Well hair is mostly made up of protein, so I like to get as much as I can. There are many foods out there that are great for your skin, hair and nails such as eggs, nuts, carrots, sweet potato, kale and spinach are all really good for you. And last but not least drink your 2 litres of water a day – it can work wonders for you.

Rebecca & Rudie x

You can try the range with a set of 100ml for £22. Head to Boucleme.co.uk

Rudie is at Bookings Models (as am I!) here’s her Instagram and Twitter

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