Dry Skin? Burt’s Bees Have Your Back with their Clary Sage Range!

Dry skin is a really common problem amongst us models. Face wipes, long days of make up, travel and acne treatments can leave us with skin that might be on the spectrum from slightly dry to flaking and patchy.

My worst dry skin was after being on treatment for my acne – a photographer actually told me off for it! I mean, we were on a beauty shoot…But it’s not as though I chose to have skin like that! It can also get very dry when I get back from a holiday.

Well, if you do encounter dry skin I can’t recommend the Clary Sage range from Burt’s Bees enough. It’s rich, it smells gorgeous and it’s very, very intensely hydrating – but you won’t find your skin greasy, or your pores clogged.

Firstly, I recommend their Intense Hydration Cream Cleanser, which is only £9.99!

burts bees clary sage cleanserYou can use it simply by massaging into your face for a minute and then rinsing it off in the shower (for when you’re in a basic hotel) but it’s also great to leave on for a bit longer as a face mask, then remove it with a Muslin cloth or your Clarisonic.

A lot of face washes leave your skin feeling stripped, but this literally feels as though I’ve used a treatment on my skin. It’s great at removing residue make up and dirt, but your skin will look more plumped after you’ve washed it off.

I also really recommend their Intense Hydration Day Cream, £19.99

Burts Bees Day creamTheir Day Cream has no SPF, so I love it on holiday or in hot countries to wear under suntan lotion – great for a location shoot if you’re off to a hot foreign country/desert island (lucky you!) It’s very lightweight and sinks in in seconds, but it’s brilliantly moisturising. Clary Sage is a strong little plant that can survive extreme weather conditions, so it’s brilliant for retaining moisture in the wild – and on your skin!

Burts Bees Face Mask

Finally, their Intense Hydration Treatment Mask, £19.99, is a really really brilliant. It’s one of my musts on the night before a shoot, as it delivers a massively concentrated hit of moisture into your skin. I would slap this on the second I got off the plane and to the hotel/model apartment to make sure that I looked remarkably, miraculously glowing for the 4am call time the next day!

I leave this on when I sleep every now and then for a great overnight treatment, and rub any surplus into my hands as it makes an amazing hand treatment, too!

Lastly, I have to add that the quantities are very generous – they last me for ages. I’m never without at least one of these beauties in my daily skin regime, and make up artists and my agency have really commented on my complexion. And you know – if your booker is impressed, then you’re really doing something right!

Check out www.burtsbees.co.uk

Rebecca x

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