Brilliant Beauty Base for Shoots

My usual beauty routine leaves me with a shiny, slightly red face. I’ll use a cream cleanser, toner then an oil (usually rosehip) followed by lots of moisturiser.The redness is because I massage my face loads to get the circulation going, which is great in the long run but I won’t be featuring in Metro’s Rush Hour Crush any time soon…

However some of you don’t really like oil, or feeling shiny, and to be honest it does lead to a LOT of blotting/powdering for the make up artist. I head to work and get plastered in make up, but not everyone wants to turn up to work with a face others can see their reflection in.

I’ve discovered a great little duo that gives a pretty matte, but very well hydrated skin base for make up artists. It’s lasted really well on long shoot days (eg when I do Debenhams it’s over a two hour commute each way, then 9-5 shooting in between so products need to last a long time) and it’s my current go-to.

Just so you know, I don’t deeply cleanse in the morning. I do that at night. I will just give my face a wipe with a cotton wool pad wetted with Pukka Rosewater Spray, which is just £8.95 at Pukka.

Then I’ve been using this oil-free serum:

Neals Yard Oil Free Hydrating Serum £30 from Neals Yard

It’s got hyaluronic acid so it is very good at hydrating, but where I’m used to rubbing in oils and having them sit on top of skin to a small extent, this goes right in without a trace. For me, that took a while to get used to because I actually like the feeling of the oil slowly sinking into my skin, so I had to compute that I was really moisturised and my skin wasn’t dehydrated.

The Aloe Vera in this is soothing, meshing well with the rosewater I cleanse with, and the Frankinsence is a fabulous for helping skin tone, as well as being an anti-inflammatory ingredient.

If you hate too much product on your face, then I reckon using this as a primer under make up would be a great call. I just love this brand. I find it difficult to pass a shop without just wandering in and sniffing everything. And don’t get me started on the actual Neals Yard in Covent Garden! The Wild Food Café is great for green juices that don’t taste like primordial slime, and it’s just blue glass bottle heaven…

Next up:

The Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Facial Moisture Cream £19.99 from Holland and Barrett

Now I really don’t need to buy beauty products as I get some many sent to me – but there’s something about this brand, and the range of products in Holland and Barrett shops – that makes me lose control. I saw this and just wanted to give it a little go, having heard great things about Abyssinian oil. Not only is the plant (the mustard plant, FYI) easy to grow sustainably, it’s apparently like a turbo-charged Argan Oil. It’s rich in omega 3s and is very easily absorbed, something I certainly noticed with this moisturiser.

Just like the Neals Yard serum, I put this on and almost felt as though my skin were quite dry. I’m used to a bit of residue with any moisturiser, but this completely disappeared, and the first couple of times I actually put it on twice as I thought it wasn’t moisturising enough.

However I know when my skin is dehydrated because I rapidly get a rash around my mouth and fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes show up. With this stuff, I found that my skin was plump and just felt really smooth and matte.

Overall these two products had the same good points: they both absorbed without a trace but my skin drank up all the goodness and it really showed with even skin that wasn’t shiny or greasy. It was the perfect base for make up on shoots or for days out.

It’s just worth noting that neither contain an SPF so you’ll want to layer that on top (I often go for Roche Posay, as that’s matte as well).

Rebecca x

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