BREAKING NEWS! Modeltypeface Interviewee Louise Adkins had her baby!

Did you read Louise’s interview with Modeltypeface a week or so ago? She talked us through her battles with her body image and how happy she now is having become pregnant. Lots of people gave me their feedback to tell me how much they loved it, and what an incredible career she’s had. It was a few people’s favourite so far!

Well Louise has been very busy whilst we’ve all been scoffing pies!

Louise gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl, Esmae Harper, on Boxing Day – weighing in at a rather stupendous 8 pounds 11 ounces. So I’d really like us all to give Louise a round of applause for that, as that’s a big baby: no mean feat!

After telling us how much criticism her apparently ‘wide’ (read: normal sized) hips have attracted from fashion industry types, I think she’s probably relieved that hers don’t measure below 34″!

Mother, baby and Daddy are doing well and, having known Louise for so long, I feel incredibly happy and full of love for them.


Rebecca x

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