Bio-Extracts: Customise Your Skincare According to your Daily Needs #Ad

When I first started beauty blogging, I’d try new products and brands every day. It was wildly exciting to discover all these niche labels and fantastic ingredients, and I slapped them on my face with glee, discarding barely-used tubes and pots as my eyes were attracted to the newest shiny thing. Then I went into my Mum’s bedroom (I was living at home at the time) and there was a line of tubs of the first brand that had sent me a box, neatly in a row, being slowly and lovingly used up. My skin? Rashy, shiny, dry, changeable. Mum’s skin? Glowing and gorgeous. Since that little beauty blogging lesson, I’ve been so much more considered, respecting the fact that the brands have sent valuable samples, respecting the fact that you readers deserve reliable reviews of products that have been tested for 6 weeks and respecting my own skin. Bio Extracts provides me with the perfect marriage of beauty magpie tendencies and sensible skincare. The concept is simple: you have a face cream with which you can mix a ‘booster’ to target different skin needs. I also like the fact that the company are a mother-daughter team: Marina (Mum) founded Nubo cosmetics and Irina (daughter) has completed a bioscience degree, but it was from travelling through sub-Saharan Africa together that they came to appreciate how vital a role nature plays in beauty and medicine. Harnessing this knowledge is how Bio-Extracts came about, and I do love a brand with a story and a heart. Firstly I’m gonna talk about the basic moisturiser. I went for ‘normal’ (there is also a ‘light’ and a ‘rich’). Bio-Extracts have developed what they call a ‘Multi-Lamellar System ®’. Trying to describe it simply, our upper layers of skin are arranged in a complex structure to keep in fluids and keep our stressors: our lamellar system. This cream mimics the lamellar system so that it can hydrate effectively and form an effective barrier against external irritants. It’s vegan, and it’s got Argan oil, which I adore in face products for being a luxurious and effective moisturiser. Then we have the boosters! You very much feel like a scientist: they come in a syringe-like package of bright colours to make mixing in these botanical boosters simple. I went for Anti-Oxidant Boost, Glow Boost, Hydro Booster and Anti-Wrinkle Boost. I knew I had over a week of flights, long shoot days, early call times and minimal sleep ahead and these are all the sort of skin concerns that arise with those issues. (Head to their site to see the others: there’s Lifting, Redness Relief, Clean To Clear, Pore Minimising and Firming). The Experience So how did I find it? I started out with the Hydro Booster, which has botanical Hyaluronic Acid derived from Indian Senna, to help skin retain moisture. It’s so easy to use: on top of the dispenser, you simply mix one pump of the Multi-Lamellar moisturiser with a couple of ‘shots’ from the syringe. You don’t need to worry about measurements: pressing down on the end of the syringe releases the perfect tiny drop.

I decided just to add two drops because I didn’t want to overload my skin. The texture was creamy and sank in very easily and using just the 1 pump was great as I think I usually put to much product on. However I wasn’t lucky with this one. My skin felt fine but didn’t look it after an hour: I developed a small rash on my left cheek and I had to head to a shoot that day. I didn’t want to give up on Bio Extracts but I was also wary that I didn’t want to mess with my skin with so much modelling work ahead, so I decided to just use the face cream alone for a couple of days. The rash had disappeared by the end of day 1 and never came back: everyone’s different and I do think I’ve reacted to a cream with hyaluronic acid in it a couple of years before. Anyway, this let me appreciate the cream on its own, which makes a great base for make up on shoots: I’ve loved it through all the flights (four in 7 days) as my skin hasn’t dried out at all, and I used it as a day and night cream (the latter only after flying as I generally prefer to let my skin breathe at night). Once I felt confident, I had a go with each of the boosters and there was no such reaction again. My favourite was probably Glow: both because I found my skin loved it the most and because I enjoy the sound of it’s key ingredient: Wu-Zhu-Yu Fruit, which helps with radiance. I only ever used 1-2 shots after my initial reaction to the Hydro Booster but it was enough to see a difference: I had some seeeeeriously microscopic HD close ups on the Danone ad and I thought my skin looked even and healthy. I know I’m not exactly Keith Richards but I definitely see fine lines after I’ve been flying or drinking, and as many models know you can feel a little bit pressurised to have a drink at the wrap party (plus it’s either have a drink or sit there yawning while everyone does shots til gone midnight. Or, in my case, both). I turned to the Anti-Wrinkle Booster on the morning I flew from Kiev to London and then straight off to Glasgow. I went for this one because I’ve used skincare with green algae before and really rated it: it’s oxygenating, detoxifying, hydrating and all-round anti-ager. I definitely think this helped protect my skin during all the flying and manic work days. Last but not least: Anti-Oxidant Boost. Kiev was really sunny when I was outside, and as a city it was rather polluted. The studio, meanwhile, was so dusty and musty and what with dancing in make up from 8am to 7pm daily for the commercial, I just felt like my skin was being pelted by stressors and/or UV rays. This is specifically made to target weakened skin: lemon balm is rich in rosmarinic acid, which studies have shown is ten times stronger than Vitamin E and C! It’s also anti-inflammatory, so it helped ease my complexion against all the stress I was putting it under. The Verdict After my initial rash problem, I embraced the Bio-Extracts range, as each of the other three boosters really showed themselves to be effective. If you’re wary about adding anything that may irritate, then I do really recommend the Multi-Lamellar cream as a starting point because it’s a fantastic moisturiser and really calming. Meanwhile, using the Boosters with the cream was the perfect happy medium between my excitable beauty tendencies and the knowledge that I should keep it simple and reliable, using one product for weeks at a time. Because the base product always stays the same, the Boost adds that little bit of zhuzh that I’m in need that day of without irritating or dramatically changing anything. Because it’s dispensed via the one pump a day, the cream also lasts for ages and the dispenser means the contents remain sterilised: good for anyone with eczema concerns. It’s £27 and each booster is £19.50. I’m aware that this price point is enough of an investment to worry that you’re getting the right face cream and the correct booster for your skin type, so you can check out their sample sets: for £5 you get two face creams and three boosters. You could try these for ‘redness relief’, problem skin, radiance or anti-ageing so if you’re curious but tentative then do check that out. Perfect for a weekend away hand luggage. Head to Rebecca x #Spon #Ad

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