Beauty Tuesday! Weleda’s Aknedoron Purifying Lotion Gets Rid of Your Spots!

I dedicate this week’s beauty review to model Tamsin Carter, who has been on MTF many times. She saves me Weleda goodies from the Model Hangout over fashion week to either review or do giveaways with, and she’s so sweet!

I saw her, ooh, must have been a month ago, the day after I broke up with Theo. We were just gonna have a catch up and she probably wasn’t expecting me to be in quite the state I was (a bit zombie-fied) and we just nattered and shared a cake and it was perfect. And she gave me this to try.

Thing is – I don’t really get spots! I get rashes when I’m run down and/or dehydrated, and I do get the odd spot, but never anything terribly troubling, so I put this away for a giveaway for one of you lovely lot.

Then – I don’t know if it was the heartbreak chocolate imbibing, or hormones, or sleep getting messed up, or the seasons changing…But I started getting spot after spot! Big ones! Obvious ones! Multiple ones!

So I grabbed this, as Tamsin had recommended it for drying out spots and – wow!

Other treatments are very harsh and tingly and generally do very little. This was the texture of a very thin cream and absorbed very quickly, with no tingle at all. I put it on the spots and avoided putting any serums/moisturisers on the area to avoid overloading the skin.

This wasn’t an instant zapper. It took a day or two. But the spots just sort of calmed down, then gradually lowered and faded, making them way easier to conceal and best of all not feeling all tight and painful when I smiled/talked.

I like the fact that this is very calm and effective rather than harsh, rapid and dramatic as some treatments can be.

It works as an ‘on-the-spot’ treatment or, I would imagine, on a breakout if you tend to get lots in the same place. Because it’s not drying or tightening. You just need to LEAVE ‘EM ALONE and let this work it’s magic.

Oh and another thing – this is a really generous 50ml bottle compared to the usual teeny tubes you get. just make sure your fingers are clean when you take some from the top, as you don’t want to infect the rest of the contents (or even better use a clean teaspoon or plastic scoop).

Thanks for giving this to me to try Tamsin, and for being there!

£10.50 from

Rebecca x

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