BEAUTY TUESDAY: Weleda Almond Facial Oil, Fabulously Nourishing and Versatile

Had to share this little beauty with you because it’s such a versatile, gentle oil that I’ve been carrying round with me everywhere even if it is in a glass bottle!


Weleda are one of my most beloved brands. Green beauty is all the rage now but these guys have been plugging away with their biodynamic, organic, cruelty-free, natural beauty products since 1921! Skin Food is in every model and make up artist’s case as a rich, nourishing skin rescuer but their enormous range has something for everyone.

Now I will be honest here: this isn’t the oil I reach for when my skin is at it’s driest or most in need – I find Rosehip Oil the best for my particular skin. I use it as more of an ‘everyday’ oil that I love to mix with moisturiser for an extra oomph, or massage on when my skin’s in good condition and I want to maintain that. It has no scent, it’s very silky and it doesn’t irritate at all.

In terms of versatility, I’ve actually been taking this in my gym bag for my post-sauna shower. I rinse my face, put this one and then I use it as a body moisturiser and even put some in to the ends of my hair. You only want to use the tiniest for hair but it didn’t weigh it down at all and really helped with de-tangling. It’s just so plain yet nourishing you can use it for loads of things: adding to foundation if your skin is dry, mixing with blusher for a dewy effect, massaging onto hands if they feel dry and working into cuticles, putting on eyelashes/eyebrows to remove make up and strengthen hair, mixing with honey for a lovely face mask or, of course, putting it on after cleansing and before moisturising like you’re used to, this being a facial oil!

This would make a great addition to anyone’s beauty cabinet, plus the blue bottle is both attractive and recyclable. £16.95 may seem a lot but you’re getting so many different uses, and a little goes a long way, so I’d say it’s definitely worth it.

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