Beauty Tuesday: Trilogy’s Latest Products

I’m a big fan of Trilogy. I’m never without their famous Rosehip Face Oil, which gets rave reviews across the board and is always in my skincare arsenal. Their CoQ10 Booster Oil got me through a really difficult life patch relatively unscathed, complexion-wise anyway. Oh and their Rosapene Night Cream? One of the very best out there.

I got a very exciting bundle of Trilogy goodies from my pal Amy at Pegasus and eached straight for the new Trilogy goodies. First up: Rosapene Radiance Serum.

Lots of serums are oily, whereas this is more of a light cream. Serums are great under moisturisers as they get absorbed deeply and work their magic. For those with oily skin/those who generally don’t like using oils, this would be a great option. I don’t fear a shiny face, so I’m happy to follow the directions and apply after my Rosehip Oil and before my moisturiser.

One pump is all you need. Personally, I like to only put it where I get dry skin: forehead, around my nose and neck and decolletage – unless I’m hungover/been flying – then it’s applied all over the shop.

It’s really helped give me an extra hydration and radiance boost, thanks to the rosehip oil (repair, strengthen, hyrdate), tomato seed oil (help prevent skin against oxidative stress) and aloe vera juice (cools, calms, eases sensitive skin). If you feel as though your skin is lacking a certain glow, or getting a bit dry, then have a try of this to supplement your usual routine.

£29.50 at Holland and Barrett

Next up: Firming Body Lotion. Now this is special. Firstly, the smell – some of my personal favourites. Rose geranium is a very fresh and almost peppery scent, frankincense gives it a deeper, richer aroma and it’s topped off with lavender, which is one of the smells of a British summer as well as being very relaxing.

It’s that time of year when the legs and arms come out and we admit to ourselves just how long ago it was we fastidiously removed hair above the knee (just me?) (and let’s be honest, we/I rarely bothered with the shins, either). Skin that had previously been covered up (and with me we’re talking black polo neck, tights, boots, three jumpers, coat, beret, scarf and gloves) is now about to go on parade to castings, shoots and parks and I want to make sure it’s soft and smooth, though it’ll take a while to sort of the pastiness…

Trilogy’s Firming Body Lotion has evening primrose oil, which helps treat damaged skin due to to high concentration of Gamma-Linolic Acid, as it helps maintain and regenerate epidermal skin cells. There’s that champion, rosehip oil as well as green coffee seed extract, which helps firm skin.

It’s hard to assess in terms of skin tone and firmness, because I do exercise a lot and also, the process of massaging this into my body boosts circulation and therefore helps with firmness. However I do feel as though my skin is dramatically more touchable and I often find myself absentmindedly stroking my arms and enjoying the softness, so this is a knockout moisturiser. Add onto that the divine smell of it and I’m won over.

My only gripe is that I’d love to see companies move away from pump dispensers. Even though they’re great for maintaining hygiene and the integrity of the product contained within, they’re not recyclable and I do feel guilty and aware of this.

£15.50 from Holland and Barrett

Rebecca x

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