BEAUTY TUESDAY! Trilogy’s CoQ10 Booster Oil

Thsi is one of my favourite new discoveries. Trilogy’s CoQ10 Booster Oil.


I put off using it, because it seemed to be aimed towards mature skin and therefore struck me as very rich. I have this slight concern that if I use any sort of rich/anti-aging cream, by my mid 30s I will have nowhere to go but buying very expensive, fancy ‘facelift in a bottle’ creams in order to keep the ‘ceiling from falling in’ if you get me!

However, lately I’ve found life a bit stressful. I either have LOADS OF WORK or NO WORK! I’ve been having trouble sleeping. My boyfriend’s Dad is ill and I hate seeing him sad. And frankly, in the words of my 90s crushes Blur, ‘Modern Life is Rubbish’. Always being in a rush, always being on my phone and feeling permanently ‘on call’ thanks to social media as well as modelling makes me very slightly, but very constantly, anxious.

Add onto this the start of spring – a time to celebrate blue skies and yellow flowers, but also our bodies rebalancing with the new weather – the result is that my skin has suffered a bit. It has just been a bit lacklustre, dry and lifeless of late.

I decided to crack open the Trilogy Booster Oil, and I’ve discovered that it is fantastic for just that – a boost when you’re skin feels and looks uninspired.

So what makes it special? Firstly, Trilogy have patented ‘Glycablend™’, which is a mix of chia, blueberry, strawberry and pomegranate oil. I love harnessing nature to get a good glow, and if you think of how juicy and potent those fruits are when you eat them fresh and how energised chia seeds in a smoothie can make you – your skin’ll be getting the benefits from the oil.

What is CoQ10? It’s an antioxidant, which helps feed and renew skin. Together with the Glycablend™ formulation, the oil is intended to fight the damage to skin caused by sugar (especially processed sugar. Another reason to avoid the nasty stuff).

I’m not using Boost Oil every day, but every now and then when it’s mega important I have great skin the following day, or when I feel particularly run down. It’s now my failsafe. I might be feeling as grey as the greyest pants in a knicker drawer, but this sorts of any dry patches and gives my skin a luminosity that didn’t come from those tequilas I snarfed at Emily Vickers-Willis‘ famous house parties…

I use after cleansing and toning. I can use in the mornings as this disappears without a trace leaving no oily residue or shine throughout the day, and I find it a little less heavy than their Rosehip Oil, which I love but apply only use at night. Then I follow with my normal moisturiser.

If you’re going through a time of change, a stressful patch or you’re run down, then some Trilogy CoQ10 Booster Oil, some Spackle and a hint of Perricone MD No Blush Blush is my secret arsenal for whipping my appearance into shape.

It’s £29.50 (will last you AGES, especially if you use it occasionally like I do) from Trilogy.

Rebecca x

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