Beauty Tuesday: Therapi Rose Otto Toner

Now we all know I love the bees, and that I’m desperate for us to look after them better. If the bees go, we go – eco systems are destroyed, flowers aren’t pollinated so fruits can’t grow and our planet goes into freefall. It’s serious stuff, which is why we need to keep pressurising the government to ban bee-killing pesticides that are causing entire colonies of bees to die out.

Tanya Hawkes is a beekeeper who makes wonderful beauty products from honey she produces herself. I’ve actually done a beekeeping course with Tanya and not only did I learn fascinating facts about this incredible species, I was stunned at her affinity with the bees – this lady tends to hives bare-handed!

Anyway, I wanted to share my favourite Therapi product with you, their Rose Otto Toner.


I’ve been using it for a couple of years and it’s just incredible. I used to think that toning was a bit of an unnecessary step until I found this – I can feel the effects within seconds of applying. It’s very moisurising, so if you’ve been intensively cleansing make up layers from your face you’ll notice that red, sore feeling vanishing in seconds. Even before applying moisture, it’ll look both calmer and plumper. It also smells absolutely divine, quite luxurious.

Now I realise that it’s quite pricey at £25 but it’s 100ml and 1-2 spritzes cover the whole face, meaning it lasts for months and months. I also don’t mind spending money if I know that a product works, and I’m convinced that this toner gets me through the winter with calm, hydrated skin.

Lastly it’s 83% organic and a recyclable glass bottle, made by a woman who really cares about this planet, so I am happy for my purchases to support this sort of beauty ethos.

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  1. Daniela wrote:

    This is the best! I have the lot cos I Just love it , the best care for my skin. Thanks for a great blog 🙂

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