Beauty Tuesday: The Top 3 Dry Shampoos

Let’s all take a moment to say a little prayer of thanks for dry shampoo. It’s great for…

  1. Festivals, where the luxury of hair masks and warm showers feels light years away.
  2. Period days, where your hair is simultaneously greasy, dry, flat and frizzy (well mine is)
  3. Fringe owners on a windy day – having to sort out your fringe every 5 minutes results in greasy fringe within an hour.
  4. Hair styling – it helps give volume to ‘dos like ponytails (plus it counterracts the inevitable greasy roots that result in trying and retrying to get it dead-on centre with no hair bumps! Can’t sort out those agony arms though).
  5. When you’re hungover and a shower is truly an insurmountable task, but you know you need to go to town to buy eggs, bacon and milk. The only choice is coat over PJs + full body spray of deodorant + enormous sunnies + a spritz of dry shampoo.*

There are some really awful dry shampoos out there, which make the roots of your hair look dull and matt, which then shows up in photos. I’ve weeded them out for you so you can rely on these: my failsafe, go-to dry shampoos.

*If you tell me you have never done this, you’re either lying or teetotal.

Colab Dry Shampoo


I have already spoken of my love for this dry shampoo. Earlier this year, I was suddenly booked to appear on the BBC news. It was utterly last minute, and I had 40 minutes to decide on an outfit, do my make up and get ready, all the while talking out loud to myself on the subject of BMI.

There was no time for a long shower, so hair-wise my only option was dry shampoo.  I knew I could rely on Colab to give my hair a zhoozsh but not show up matt under those bright studio lights. I like the fact that, when you spray it on, it doesn’t give you terrifyingly white hair roots that take an age to brush out.

BBC news hairMy hurr from the back (or is this the front and my name is Cousin It?)

I’m also a big fan because it’s mega blogger Ruth Crilly’s product. Now you all know her as Mrs ‘AModelRecommends‘, but I know her as Ruth who I often did castings with, and gradually saw blow up into the star we see today. I feel very proud, as she worked incredibly hard to get to where she is today.

It’s a purse-friendly £3.50 and comes in a range of delicate scents, inspired by cities that Ruth has travelled to. My favourite is the delicate orchid-y smell of Tokyo. Check it out on

2) Klorane Dry Shampoo


This is pricier, yes, but it’s worth the dosh because it nourishes your hair and scalp whilst very lightly absorbing the oils that lead to a greasy appearance.

This is thanks to the oat extract, which helps moisturise, soften and protect. Not only the magic oats, but there’s nettle in there to help regulate sebum protection.

I recommend this to anyone who has a very sensitive scalp, as you can use it as an ongoing treatment. It does go on white, but have no fear – simply flip your head upside down and brush out in quick, confident hairbrush strokes (a Tangle Teeze or Mason Pearson is ideal here). swoosh your hair back up like a dancer and enjoy a voluminous, grease-free barnet!

On sale NOW for £6.00 (usually £8.00) from

3) Bumble & Bumble Pret-a-Powder


Beloved by hair stylists on shoots, this feels somehow refreshing when you apply it to your hair. It soaks up any grease in an instant. This isn’t a spray, so it takes a little while to get the quantities and application just right.

I like to coat my fingers with this, rub them together and then massage my scalp. I then sprinkle it on my fringe and go about making a cup of tea or getting dressed. Then, when it’s all soaked in, I brush my hair vigorously and the powder is totally vanished!

If, like me, you have silky hair that’s quite hard to style in anything more elaborate than a ponytail, this gives great texture for fancy-pants plaits and backcombing.

£7.50 from

Rebecca x

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