BEAUTY TUESDAY! The Most Beautiful Face Oil I’ve Ever Used

Putting on Inlight Facial Oil is a genuine treat to the senses.

I found this unassuming bottle of oil in my (ever-growing) arsenal of samples to try. I had pretty low expectations – a fairly inconspicuous-looking bottle containing a fairly small list of ingredients, I thought ‘well it’ll do as a tideover’.


Then I unscrewed the lid of the glass bottle. My nosebuds* were awakened with the smell of – was that cocoa? Vanilla? Sort of like the delightful fragrance of a freshly opened packet of Weetos: my favourite cereal growing up. Turns out I was almost there: there is a delicious topnote of vanilla, but it’s mallow and jojoba that give the rich undertone I’d mistaken for cocoa.

The texture! I managed to pour a small amount of on my fingertips (careful here: my bottle has a pouring motion rather than a stopper so make sure you don’t tip it all out). To say that it glides on is an understatement. Oils come in a variety of qualities: some are sticky, others too waterey but Inlight is the right balance of thick and glideable, going on smoothly and allowing you to cover your face & massage it in.

It doesn’t sink in and disappear right away. This didn’t bother me, as I like to massage for around a minute, allowing me to breathe in that delicious scent a little longer. It’s uplifting, it’s nourishing and it’s calming to the skin: a real treat in cold weather.

So who’s this best for? The list of ingredients makes this oil perfect for any age and skin type, apart from those who do find that oil disagrees with their complexion. Jojoba and evening primrose are deeply hydrating, so mature or dry skin would hugely benefit. For those who find their skin inflamed – post acne, rosacea or dry – the mallow and rosehip oil are very healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. For those with normal skin, you can just enjoy the beautiful smell and all-round wonderful mix of wonder-oils this product contains.

How should you apply? Like me, follow cleansing and toning with a small layer of this, massaged in, before your night cream. I use at night and never in the morning, unless my skin needs a really big hit of moisture and I don’t mind my skin being a little bit oilier all day.

At £33 this is very decently priced, being 100% organic and produced in-house. Don’t worry about the price for such a small bottle: you only need a tiny amount and, after over three months of daily use, I still have a third left.

Just be aware that this is all-natural and organic, so it’s good to use it as soon as you buy it and be aware that the longer you leave it after opening, the less potent the product can become.

£33 from

Rebecca x

*Yes I know nosebuds don’t exist. poetic license.

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