Beauty Tuesday: The Best Travel Miniatures

It’s not just holiday time: it’s wedding trip time. Lots of my friends are getting wed abroad, plus stag/hen dos and little weekend trips to top up the vitamin D that Britain is providing so poorly this year.

Just because we don’t want to pay loads for a rattling suitcase doesn’t mean we don’t have to take our favourites away with us, especially if our skin is being exposed to the sun and to late, boozy nights. Here are some miniatures I’ve been taking with me…

Ameliorate Now in 50ml! 

Woohoo! Why didn’t they do this before? My favourite for getting rid of chicken skin (bumpy bits on your upper arms/bum usually) as well as smelling lightly musky and delightful now come in hand luggage-friendly 50ml sizes. I took the Nourishing Body Wash (£10.50) and Transforming Body Lotion (£9) with me: they were very kind to my sunburnt bum and meant I didn’t have that greasy after-sun feeling as they sink right in. Also good if you suffer with the condition and want to give it a go before committing to the cost of the full size.

Konjac Sponge Rainforest Collection

Main reason I love these Rainforest Collection sponges from The Konjac Sponge Company: they’re really cute. Look at them! I got the Toucan but there’s a Bamboo Charcoal Sloth, a French Green Clay Frog, French Red Clay Monkey…

The smaller size means you have to spend a bit longer cleansing, and the normal sized konjac sponges don’t really take up that much more space in your luggage. But if you’re packing mega light it’s perfect, it’s good for getting your eye make up off plus if you wanted to sample the whole range before deciding which works best for you then you could get the whole range. Also, if you were half way through your regular sized one and didn’t want to pack it, you could take this as a go-between.

Buying all four will cost you £25, while one mini costs £6.99

A’kin Weightless Rosehip Oil

Rosehip is my must-have beauty ingredient, every day. It helps spot scars heal quickly, it really visibly nourishes and hydrates my skin when it’s stressed so it’s great pre- and post-flight. As soon as my skin looks rashy, stressed or spotty, this is what comes out and reliably works wonders, fast.

The A’Kin Rosehip number also contains Macademia and Abyssinian Oil – the latter which is becoming a growing beauty trend – and these help lock in moisture. So it’s great if you’ve been in the sun all day, and sitting in over air-conditioned bars, restaurants and hotels.

I’ve heard you can tell whether a Rosehip oil is top quality by whether it’s a reddish amber colour. Now you know this, you’ll notice that many out there are totally translucent but this is a rich deep colour.

Ps, I’d never have discovered this without Shop Skincare, who I wrote about a copula weeks ago. You get full sized products with every order over £40 (rather than piddly little samples) and now I’ve found myself a brilliant travel companion with this A’Kin oil.

Pukka Organic Rosewater Spritz

This SAVED me on my latest jaunt to Spain. The Air BnB was so teeny and hot, and you’d roll out of the steamy shower room desperate for relief, but of course it was boiling outside. I kept this in the fridge and the glass bottle got delightfully cold, so I’d roll it all over my face then spray liberally. There was no residue left on my skin and the coolness of the rosewater and the scent of damask rose was really uplifting.

This is delightfully old-fashioned, with the glorious smell of roses. It works as a toner and a perfume throughout the day, helping calm sore or flushed skin. Just be warned! Guys LOVE a spritz! Once they discover it you’ll go to get it out of your bag and then find all of the chaps spraying one another going, “Oooh that’s good isn’t it!” From then on you will be ‘spritz provider’ for life.

To use, tilt your head upwards and lightly spray a mist that falls over your face. I see too many people hold the bottle in front of their face and spray straight, which both wastes product and makes them flinch, ruining the whole point of the relaxing experience!

Rebecca x

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